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Part 1: Finding and Hiring the Right Person

1.1 Hiring v Contracting Know the difference between W-2 & 1099.

Learning Goals:
  • Knowing when you hire each
  • Setting up a 1099 contractor – overview of T&Cs
  • The 3 “Non-” documents to have for everyone
  • 1099 v w-2 assessment
  • Organizational plan

1.2 You get what you pay for Make a compelling offer of employment

Learning Goals:
  • Base pay, bonuses and other pay programs
  • Non-cash incentives and perquisites
  • Market positioning v internal equity
  • Templated offer letter
  • Salary budget sheet
  • Benefits for your firm

1.3 Payroll systems and PEOs Select the right payroll provider

Learning Goals:
  • Identifying the right payroll provider for you
  • Overview of PEOs and what they do
  • Insurance: worker’s compensation, EPL, E&O, etc.
  • Payroll requirements
  • Short list of providers
  • Key questions

1.4 Posting your job Define what you need done, by who and how often

Learning Goals:
  • How to plan and schedule work, chunking time, etc
  • Delegation and designing jobs
  • Writing a well-written Job Description.
  • Your job description
  • Additional job or activity descriptions

1.5 Finding your people Select the right candidates for your company

Learning Goals:
  • Job postings and career pages
  • Screening out for skills and screening in for behaviors
  • Behavioral interviewing and compliance
  • A note on assessments.
  • Live job posting
  • Interviewed candidates

Part 2: Setting up for Success

2.1 Onboarding Manage your new hire’s first 90 days.

Learning Goals:
  • Setting goals & tying onboarding to culture
  • Key check in and decision points
  • Getting ready for Day 1
  • 30/60/90 day onboarding plan
  • new hire checklist

2.2 Policies and procedures What you need when

Learning Goals:
  • Key components of the employee handbook
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • List of policies
  • Handbook framework

2.3 Performance Coach your people to bring their best

Learning Goals:
  • Performance Development v appraisal
  • Leveraging Strengths
  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Performance review template

2.4 Culture and Values Define the behaviors that build your culture

Learning Goals:
  • Define and describe meaningful core values
  • Effective and productive organizational culture
  • When you might need a culture detox
  • Brainstorming your core values exercise template

2.5 Meeting rhythms Setting rhythms that support your work planning

Learning Goals:
  • Key attributes of an effective meeting
  • Ideal rhythms for a small business
  • Managing remote teams
  • Meeting schedule for your team

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