HR for Construction and Contracting Companies

Human Resources is necessary for every industry – even if your employees aren’t spending their days in a traditional office. If you are an owner or manager of a construction business, you know the majority of your time is spent on employee management: recruiting, hiring, training, payroll, benefits, and more.

Instead of handling these HR responsibilities in-house, your whole team will benefit from Red Clover’s HR services. Bringing in a team of experienced HR consultants in New Jersey lets you focus on what you do best: construction and contracting.

How Your Construction or Contracting Company Can Benefit From HR

Why should you consider outsourcing HR services for your construction or contracting company? Supporting your workforce is essential to delivering high-quality services for your clients. There is much that goes into each construction project. Not only do you need a team of skilled employees to manage each project from planning to execution – but it’s also necessary to have strategic HR processes in place to help you prepare for and resolve common HR issues your company is facing.

When you use Red Clover’s HR services for construction and contracting companies, you’ll have access to a qualified roster of consultants with expertise in the following functional areas: 

 Attract and Retain Talent

Labor shortages are affecting all industries, but the construction industry has been one of the hardest hit.  Even before the current challenges in a job market where candidates demand more,  the construction industry was in need of skilled, dependable employees to show up and get the job done right.

Our HR services include a strategic approach to help you connect with prospective employees who bring the technical experience and skills you need. There are unique challenges to recruiting in the construction industry, and our HR specialists know how to overcome these common issues through recruitment process outsourcing

Risk Management

Construction is an industry with high safety standards because of the nature of the work. Whether or not your team members are working with heavy machinery or doing their work on a shopping center’s roof, there are countless ways someone could be hurt on the job.

Risk management is essential for every large and small business. Our HR consultants will help with developing individualized policies and processes that ensure employee safety for your company. In addition, we will provide guidance to training managers and others in similar positions on how to address safety issues, policy infractions, and more. 

Worker Safety

Safety is non-negotiable in the construction business. Your employees deserve a safe work environment, and you can reduce the chances of employee complaints or legal action  by avoiding on-the-job injuries and worker-related safety infractions

At Red Clover, our interim and long-term HR services in New Jersey include a proactive approach to mitigating risk by implementing steps to support worker safety.

Our HR Services for Construction and Contracting Companies

At Red Clover, we offer full-service HR solutions for contractors and construction companies. We handle the entire construction and contracting employee lifecycle;  hiring, employee management, performance management, and compensation planning so you can focus on the most critical responsibilities for each project you are overseeing.

Our goal is to provide top-notch service and deliver exceptional results which will keep your employees engaged and connected to business goals, helping to improve satisfaction and retention. In addition, when your team members are thriving, it positively impacts customer service and the quality of deliverables your workforce provides your clients.

HR Support For Construction Companies 

Our HR services for construction and contracting companies are customized based on the unique needs of your company. At Red Clover, we take the time to understand your business before we design a personalized HR support plan to help achieve your goals. Additionally, when you choose Red Clover’s strategic HR support services, you will be assigned a designated consultant who will be with you every step of the way – from planning to execution.

Interim HR Management For Contracting Firms 

If you don’t need long-term HR services, our team can assist with interim solutions. For example, you might need support with immediate hiring, onboarding, or managing a transition, but only for a few months. Our HR consultants are here to help you every step of the way. At the conclusion of an interim engagement with Red Clover, we will help your company source and onboard your permanent HR resource and will guide the knowledge transfer for your new head of HR over their 90 day onboarding period.

Contact our experienced consultants in New Jersey to learn more about the interim HR management options available for your company.

Change Management and Organizational Restructuring For Contractors

Change within an organization can be scary – but it doesn’t have to be when you have the proper change management plan in place. When change is on the horizon, Red Clover can work within your business to design a long-term, sustainable strategy that helps support behavioral changes among your workforce. But how does a proper communication plan help with change management? It empowers your team and helps them understand why the change is happening, how it will take place, and what will be expected of them throughout the transition.

When launching a change management project, you may need to leverage organizational restructuring services. If this is the case, our HR consultants will offer solutions and guide you throughout the planning process and execution to make sure you’re making the right people-facing decisions. 

DISC Assessment for Constructions Businesses

One way to support your employees more effectively is by implementing a DISC assessment. A DISC assessment is a survey that identifies your employees preferred communication styles and motivators. At Red Clover, our DISC certified consultants interpret the results of your team’s assessments and guide an in-depth debrief to help your team understand each other’s communication rhythms and driving forces.  

Performance Management For Construction and Contracting Firms 

Ongoing and consistent performance management helps employees thrive and gain new skills in their careers. At Red Clover, we have proven management processes to help your business develop an effective performance management program, making it easier than ever for you to support each employee’s growth in the workplace.

Work With an Experienced New Jersey HR Consultant

Our HR services for construction and contracting companies are the perfect solution for taking your business to the next level. At Red Clover, we offer the unique skills and services that construction companies need to manage teams and increase the bottom line.

 Contact us today to schedule an introduction call to learn more about our available HR services.

The Results

Construction and Contracting

A commercial roofing contractor was in hyper growth mode. They had goals to increase their field workforce to expand their service area to additional states and geographical locations. If they were to grow their field workforce, they would also need to increase their administrative, operational and sales headcount to support the additional workload created by increased field work. Additionally, they were challenged in workforce retention and development, experiencing high turnover, and did not have a dedicated Human Resources professional to manage employee relations and compliance issues that come with trying to scale a business.

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