Change Management and Organizational Restructuring

Resistance to change is rational and predictable, but the degree to which your people accept organizational or business process change will mean the difference between success and failure. Change management is the process by which you support your people through transition. It includes the processes and tools you need to achieve the business case for change. It’s not complicated, but it’s not always easy either. 

Red Clover provides a structured approach to the organizational change project that you are preparing to undertake. We bring a unique perspective to change projects. We help organizations look at their problems a little differently, and as a result, the change plan is different too.

Red Clover’s Change Methodology

Our Change and Transition Management methodology focuses on the human behavior elements of change as well as managing the risks to ongoing business continuity. Red Clover works within your business to encourage behavioral changes in your workforce that support the changes you are making in the business. From communication plans that explain why the change is happening, to overall work plans that guide how the change will roll out, and finally the adjustments to downstream processes and job roles that occur as a result of the overall change. Effective change requires patience and long-term commitment, so we develop sustainable strategies that are well thought out and methodical in approach. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Change management provides a structure to mitigate risk and reduce chaos. Having support from change management professionals is the key factor in helping organizations and their employees successfully drive change and realize the benefits that the initiative has set as its goal.

Red Clover’s Approach to Restructuring

One of the principal ways your organization may leverage our change management methodology is through organizational restructuring. When you choose to trust Red Clover with your restructuring project, it begins with a clearly defined financial business case that outlines the overall goals of the progress with a focus on the case for change. If there are changes to headcount or the overall organizational design of your company, you want a strong return on investment for the people transition effort. These projects can be complex. When preparing a restructuring plan, you receive an assessment of the current organization mapped to the future job roles, development plans for the retained organization, and restructuring plans for employees impacted by layoffs. We use our own methodology for this – with a combination of organizational change management and work planning and estimating for transforming the organization from current to future state.

Restructuring projects are hard because you’re making difficult decisions that directly impact your people. Red Clover works with you, every step of the way, to ensure your people-facing decisions are the right ones. From terminations to job redesign, we work closely with you in providing the guidance, solutions, and supporting materials for every aspect of the restructuring process.

Work With an HR Consultant to Help with Organizational Restructuring in Your Company

The dedicated team of HR consultants at Red Clover are ready to tackle any challenge when it comes to change management or organizational restructuring. If you’re in need of guidance when it comes to restructuring your company or dealing with change management contact Red Clover today by filling out this form.

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