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A start up junk removal company was preparing for growth and recognized the need for compliance and HR processes to help scale appropriately. The company lacked structure and policies to sustain growth. There was an evident need for ongoing support for employee relations, compliance, policies, compensation planning, recruiting processes, and change management.

What We Did

We began our work with general compliance and policies and translated those to a comprehensive handbook to suit the business and reflect its culture. We evaluated the hiring needs of the organization and established a recruiting process; developing detailed job descriptions, skills assessments, hiring paperwork, and an onboarding structure. We created these processes with mindfulness to the seasonality of the business. We also provided support for employee relations issues that arose.

As the business needs grew we reevaluated the organizational structure to create management positions and leadership roles, providing opportunities for growth and development for employees. After that evaluation, we established a compensation structure and variable compensation plan to complement the new organizational design.

The next thing we tackled was measurable metrics and KPIs to evaluate performance. Those metrics and indicators were then used to establish a new performance development and review process so employees were provided feedback on their ongoing performance. We worked to make sure people knew what was expected of them so they had the opportunity to meet or even exceed expectations and advance within the organization.

We regularly set quarterly goals, evaluated our efforts, and recalibrated our approach as the business needs evolved. With consistent effort and dedication from the company, we have been able to help grow and improve the business.

The Result

With their commitment to our change methodology and our support, the company has more than doubled its revenue and became profitable. It continues to enact the solid recruitment plan to support its organizational structure. The standardized review process, based on company culture, allows for associates to grow within the organization and understand how their compensation is impacted by contribution to business goals. With our help, the business is beginning to plan for its next level of growth, looking to build a sales team with a business development manager.

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