A Strategic Approach to Human Resources

Change Management

Without a strong people strategy, companies struggle to navigate periods of change. Change Management is supports individuals and organizations through transition, whether it is rapid growth, relocation or consolidation. It gives your people the tools and processes they need to achieve their goals.

Resistance to change is both rational and predictable, but if you are trying to make a significant change in your business, the degree to which your people adopt and implement that change will make the difference between success and failure.

Our objective is to help you create sustainable change for long-term success. We’ll not only assess your company and develop a strategy for you to achieve your goals, but we’ll stay with you through implementation and knowledge transfer.

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Why Red Clover?


We offer large-scale, corporate Human Resources experience that’s accessible to smaller organizations.


We roll up our sleeves and work with you to achieve your most challenging change plans.

Knowledge transfer

Our goal is to leave your organization with the knowledge to continue successfully and independently of a consulting partner.


We bring a different perspective to the conversation: one that can help you see the problem, and the change plan, a little differently.


Change Management

Deliver your change goals without sacrificing business continuity.

Professional Transition

A unique, project driven program for employees undergoing a role or job change.

Team Performance

Elevate team communication and decision making.

Learning and Development

Training programs that support your change goals.


Harassment in the Workplace

This morning, NBC announced that Matt Lauer was terminated for misconduct, the latest in a string of harassment complaints across several high-profile industries.  It’s left employers wondering how deep the problem is and how to create a workplace where people ...
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Case Studies

Managing the job change.

In this case, we worked with a senior professional to plan and implement a career move. We started with a goal setting exercise that identified her unique requirements and then tailored the change plan and activities to meet those needs.  She had two very different options for a next step in her career, and we helped her create two different resumes, each of which highlighted the specific skills and experience that were most relevant to the targeted role.  After successfully interviewing with several companies, she negotiated her offer and was in the new position within 5 months of starting the project.

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Scaling for growth.

We worked with this ambitious SaaS startup to accelerate their hiring plan to meet growth targets.  We started by defining the overall recruiting process in the context of their organization culture. We also helped them select an applicant tracking system that fit their needs and budget. After implementation and training their line managers in behavioral interview techniques, they were able to accelerate the recruiting process and utilize their HR people more efficiently. As a result, they grew three-fold in less than a year.

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