When half of your expenses are related to your people... Your ability to deliver change depends on the strength of your people strategies and plans.

A Strategic Approach to Human Resources


Resistance to change is both rational and predictable. If you are trying to make a significant change in your business, the degree to which your people adopt and implement that change will make the difference between success and failure.

Change Management supports individuals and organizations through transition; it provides your people the tools and processes they need to achieve their goals.

We help you create sustainable change for long-term success. We’ll not only assess your company and develop a strategy for you to achieve your goals, but we’ll work with you through implementation and knowledge transfer.

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UPDATED: March 27th, 2020.

Please note that all upcoming in-person events are now being re-evaluated for online distribution.

Our team is now working 100% remotely until April 14th, 2020. If needed, this date will be extended. We continue to serve you.

Please visit our LinkedIn page for supporting information at this time.

If you are in need of Human Resources and Organizational Change Management support in response to COVID-19, please contact us at hello@redcloverhr.com and someone on the team will respond.

More information on HR Rapid Response is here.


Deliver your change goals without sacrificing business continuity.

Leverage people-based strategies to deliver on your business goals.

Learning designed for startups to get ahead of the curve.

Rapid response for people transition

Deliver your change goals without sacrificing business continuity.

A completely scalable HR team on a part-time basis.

Learning designed for startups to get ahead of the curve.

Rapid response to mitigate risk in people transition.


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Company Downsizing…Keep a Cool Head and a Warm Heart

Employee layoffs  are the hardest thing we will ever do as managers and business owners, especially in the current climate. It’s gut wrenching and I can tell you, even after managing my first site closure almost 20 years ago, company downsizing does NOT get easier with time.  We are living in unprecedented times and many,…

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Planning to Restructure or Downsize? Do This First.

With the world turned upside down, our team spent the weekend working with several clients in making some tough decisions for their organization in order to weather the coming storm.    The choice to downsize is never easy and has obvious impacts on a company and its employees. We wanted to share our insight on…

5 Strategies to Plan for Recession

It’s time to recession plan. It’s coming and it’s coming fast and forewarned is forearmed. We are sharing some key preparation strategies to get ready… before looking at furloughs or layoffs. Economic downturn means taking a look at both sides of the P&L with a specific focus on cash flow. We look at both revenue…

Successful Remote Working Practices (when you don’t have a choice)

As confirmed cases of Coronavirus increase in the USA, there is growing concern over business continuity, travel, and overall employee wellness. This article is NOT about COVID-19, but rather how you can quickly and effectively establish remote work practices for your organization without sacrificing productivity, connection, and employee engagement. Manage asynchronous collaboration Asynchronous collaboration is…

Case Studies

Leadership Development

This project was part of a corporate leadership development program for hi potential talent and brought together about 50 senior professionals from over a dozen countries and across all company functions.  Many of them were meeting for the first time and would be working together as part of a virtual project team over the next 12 months.  Our goal during the initial session, which was partnered with a major European educational institution, was to quickly establish high performing teams and help them decide on their ways of working and define the team culture that would support them during the year.

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Scaling for growth.

We worked with this ambitious SaaS startup to accelerate their hiring plan to meet growth targets.  We started by defining the overall recruiting process in the context of their organization culture. We also helped them select an applicant tracking system that fit their needs and budget. After implementation and training their line managers in behavioral interview techniques, they were able to accelerate the recruiting process and utilize their HR people more efficiently. As a result, they grew three-fold in less than a year.

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