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We were referred to a successful values-driven architecture firm approaching a 50 person headcount with HR needs. As they approached that employment milestone, they needed to ensure they had the HR structure to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and were set up for successful growth. We worked to help put the right policies and processes in place to support the scalability of their organization.

What We Did

We began the engagement by diving in with the business owners to understand their company culture and values. Knowing who they were and what they stood for set the solid groundwork for our work together. We focused on gaining a comprehensive understanding of their organizational structure to help guide our direction in workforce planning. We created the format for and conducted exit interviews with departing employees to better understand turnover issues. Based on information from these interviews, we prioritized employee retention efforts to successfully reduce the turnover rate.

From there we worked on designing the recruitment process; developed a talent sourcing strategy, researched job fairs and trade programs, revised and updated job descriptions, assisted with job postings, and evaluated their onboarding process. With recommendations on how to proceed with recruiting, we then looked to understand who they wanted to recruit. We utilized the TTI DISC assessment to successfully create a benchmark for potential candidates based on motivators, driving forces, and communication styles.

With their focus on culture and values, we evaluated and facilitated the testing of softwares to allow for better communication and feedback between managers and employees. We also provided support to create lunch and learn programs for vendors, employees, and friends of the firm to share opportunities for knowledge transfer and camaraderie in the industry.

We were also able to help provide significant financial savings by helping terminate an underutilized software contract with help of our contacts, adding a direct fiscal value to our work with them.

The Result

HR processes and policies were developed and put into place to allow for growth in a scalable way. With their recruitment process defined and HR policies compliant, they had the necessary HR structure in place for their needs. Over the last two years, the organization has successfully scaled to a headcount of over 70. They are able to hire top talent and internally develop their people all while still aligned with their company culture and core values.

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