HR Services for Law Firms

At Red Clover, our tailored HR solutions empower your firm to build resilient and thriving teams. You manage various HR issues, both internally and externally: recruiting, onboarding, development, engagement, compensation, and more. It takes you away from your core business and affects the team’s productivity and profitability. Outsourcing HR may be the next right move.

How Outsourced HR Can Help Your Law Firm

Outsourced HR Services is tailored to your needs. Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing HR for your firm.
  • Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent  – Great people are central to providing great services to your customers. The right RPO partner will ensure you attract talent that meets your job requirements and fits your culture. When you have both, retention follows.
  • Leadership Development – Better leadership leads to higher employee engagement and retention. Leverage the skills of a great HR service partner to create customized development programs for your organization.
  • Compensation Strategy and Planning – Create compensation plans that truly allow you to compete for talent. Our expertise, specifically as it relates to small businesses and professional services firms is unrivaled. Moreover, understanding the relationship between employee costs and service pricing for your firm is key to long-term, sustainable profitability.
  • Organizational Development – As your firm grows, allow us to advise on structuring your organization to meet your evolving business needs.

Our HR Services For Law Firms

So, how can Red Clover HR help your firm? Our HR experts partner with agencies of all sizes to handle their key HR needs. Here are some of our services that your company can utilize.

Outsourced HR

When your firm encounters gaps in key roles, it’s vital to address them swiftly. That’s where we can help. Consider us your go-to resource for navigating complex HR challenges and implementing strategic initiatives. We provide management of:
  • Payroll and employee benefits
  • Compliance, engagement, and employee relations
  • Organization and individual development, performance management
  • Compensation strategy, HR budgeting, and workforce planning
  • Recruiting and onboarding top talent
You get the best of both worlds: you avoid taking on the cost of a full-time senior HR professional while your team benefits from our expertise. More importantly, your executives and managers are free to focus on what they’re great at: building your business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO team manages your entire recruitment process from start to finish. Tell us about your recruitment needs, and we’ll make the hiring process a breeze.
  • Review of job descriptions and eventual organization changes
  • Source candidates that fit required skills and competencies
  • Organize comprehensive screening that meets the needs of the job
  • Coordinate interviews and decision making efficiently
  • Give salary guidance and negotiation support
  • Offer onboarding management

Reach Out to Red Clover For HR Services for Your Law Firm

Do you need human resources for your law firm? Hiring an experienced outsourced HR team is the key to ensuring success with driving your business forward through growth. The right HR partner helps you stay on top and continue to thrive. Contact us to get started.

The Results

Construction and Contracting

A commercial roofing contractor was in hyper growth mode. They had goals to increase their field workforce to expand their service area to additional states and geographical locations. If they were to grow their field workforce, they would also need to increase their administrative, operational and sales headcount to support the additional workload created by increased field work. Additionally, they were challenged in workforce retention and development, experiencing high turnover, and did not have a dedicated Human Resources professional to manage employee relations and compliance issues that come with trying to scale a business.

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