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Building your workforce as your business grows is critical to its success.  It is crucial for you to identify candidates who have the right combination of knowledge, skills and experience for your industry while also finding top talent who will add to your company’s growth and culture.  The way you do this is by having an effective recruitment strategy.  In a complex, fast-moving job market, Red Clover’s team of skilled HR consultants are ready to provide innovative recruiting solutions by serving as your recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner.  

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? 

Recruiting Process Outsourcing (or RPO) is where a company outsources part or all of its recruiting function to an external partner.  Opting to outsource your recruitment can be done in one of two ways –

1. Function-Based RPO 

Specific vacancies for one job function are outsourced, while the rest of the recruitment function remains the responsibility of your internal resource.  Your RPO partner has specific experience recruiting within the specific business function.

2. Full-Service RPO 

You outsource all of your recruitment to an external partner.  You have access to a committed team of HR professionals skilled in talent acquisition and they manage the entire recruitment lifecycle, from job description review and revision to offer letter and onboarding.  

Red Clover’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions 

We take a comprehensive approach to developing recruitment processes aligned with specific business needs.  We can manage a company’s RPO as our sole responsibility or own it as part of a larger outsourced HR engagement.  We work directly with business leaders and hiring managers to create hiring practices to attract the right talent for your organization with mindfulness to the complexities related to an ever-evolving job market.  

Behavioral Interview Training 

The best predictor of future performance is past performance. Behavioral Interviewing is a proven approach to interviewing where candidates are presented with behavioral questions and evaluated based on their relevant past experience. In addition to running behavioral interviews, we also provide training on this interviewing approach to your hiring managers so they can actively contribute to the process.

Supporting Materials and Technology

When you work with Red Clover you will have access to specific recruitment tools we use as part of your partnership with us:

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect

Korn Ferry, a leading talent assessment firm, offers a series of tools to support competency evaluation for job profiles and evaluation of candidate fit through behavioral interviewing. All client partners who engage with Red Clover for RPO will receive a complimentary copy of the behavioral interview question inventory as part of the engagement.

Competency-Based Assessments

This assessment from our vendor partner for DISC offers one of the only EEO-approved assessments for use in recruitment. It is a three-science evaluation that can be used to evaluate candidates against a job profile, to better inform the interview process, or to optimize new hire onboarding. Assessments come at an additional cost.

Spark Hire 

This video interviewing software is used for roles where there is likely to be high-volume response. You will have the opportunity to select the questions used for this pre-recorded interview and then are able to scan candidate responses quickly and asynchronously.  There is no additional cost for using Spark Hire.

LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter 

LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter is the gold standard for candidate sourcing and job posting for professionals. There is no additional cost for using Corporate Recruiter, however, there is an additional charge for using a job slot to promote a vacancy on this platform.

Why Choose Red Clover as Your RPO Partner 

When you choose to partner with Red Clover for RPO, you have access to a team of skilled HR consultants who bring innovative solutions to your recruitment process.  We engage with key stakeholders to integrate company values into your recruiting with a unique focus on employer branding to attract the best talent for your organization.  We invest in building your team with you, and our success is measured by finding the best fit candidates for your roles – not a commission for placement.

Ready to Implement Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Your Business? 

If you are a business currently navigating the demands of a job market constantly in flux, Red Clover is the HR consulting firm with direct experience in recruitment process outsourcing for all industries, ranging from startups to small construction companies to medium sized tech firms.  We have invested in tools to improve your recruitment process so you don’t have to.  We take the time to truly understand your company culture and employee experience and use it to inform our recruitment process.  We work directly with your teams to improve and execute new approaches – and we do it at a fraction of the cost associated with external recruiters.  If you need to build your team and need a trusted RPO partner, reach out here.

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