HR Services for Tech Companies

Whether you are building mobile apps or running a pharmaceutical technology firm, you need to attract, support and retain top-quality talent. Human resources helps you do just that by building a strong foundation for both your company and its culture.

Depending on the size, budget, bandwidth, or needs of your tech company, it may make more sense to outsource HR rather than try to keep it in-house – and that’s where we can help. At Red Clover, we offer a range of interim and long-term strategic HR services for tech companies. 

Why Your Tech Company Needs HR

If you find yourself wondering “do I need HR for my technology company?” The short answer is: yes, you do. While some tech companies try to handle all HR processes through software alone, it’s usually not enough. You will find that without a skilled HR professional guiding the people function, HR processes like recruitment, payroll, and employee relations management can easily slip through the cracks without proper attention. When you work with our team of talented HR consultants at Red Clover, you won’t have to worry about handling HR by yourself. Our team of seasoned professionals can help design a strategic HR plan that solves your pain points and helps you grow in the right direction.

Red Clover’s Human Resources Services For Technology Companies 

At Red Cover, our experienced HR consultants are ready to provide you with the comprehensive and customized processes and solutions your company needs to be successful. Our HR services for tech companies include:

HR Support For Your Tech Company

Outsourced HR support services are excellent for your tech company. Why? You no longer have to worry about doing all of the important and necessary HR tasks while running your business. Instead, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business and can put trust in an outsourced consultant to manage the human resources function.

At Red Clover, we offer HR support across the entirety of the employee lifecycle. Our consultants will work with you to properly develop and manage every aspect of your tech company’s HR operation by providing strategic personalized solutions.  We do so based on your needs and can serve as fractional HR over a short period of time or serve as your long-term, fully outsourced HR partner.

Interim HR Management For Technology Businesses

Are you in need of HR assistance but only in the short term? For example, if you find your business without a permanent HR reason due to termination, resignation or leave of absence,  you do not need the absence to have an impact on business continuity.  You can maintain momentum by partnering with Red Clover for interim HR management to provide real-time support. Our consultants will step right in where you need us to be until you hire a more permanent Human Resources person and won’t take a step back until you are confident that your technology company is in good hands. 

Change Management and Organizational Restructuring For Tech Firms

Change is something necessary for success. While the change management and organizational restructuring process can be difficult, it’s important to ensure long-term, sustainable success of change initiatives within your tech company. This is why you work with an experienced HR consultant throughout the entire process to ensure everything runs smoothly and proper communication plans are put in place.

When it comes to supporting change management within your organization, we believe the process doesn’t need to be chaotic.  We work with you to develop personalized structures for the change in order to mitigate risk. One of the main ways we leverage change management is through organizational restructuring. At Red Clover, our HR consultants will be there with you every step of the way through your restructuring project, ensuring you’re making the sound decisions when it comes to implementing impactful change across your business.

DISC Assessment For Tech Companies

Having trouble communicating with or retaining employees? Consider asking them to take the DISC assessment. This assessment uses data to determine how your employees respond to the working environment, co-workers or clients, problems and challenges. At Red Clover, our certified DISC consultants will assess the results from the DISC assessment through individual or team debriefs with participants. Our in-depth report will help you understand the, motivating factors and communication styles of your employees to help ensure employee engagement and effective people management.

Performance Management For Technology Firms

Oftentimes performance management is something that is performed once a year and then forgotten about until the following year. However, this should not be the case. Your technology company should have a performance management process in place that is consistent to allow employees in your organization to receive regular, ongoing feedback.

At Red Clover, our performance management services will help your tech company create sustainable performance management processes that will enable long-term success when it comes to employee reviews and feedback.

Ready to Get Started? Reach out to Red Clover’s Experienced HR Consultants

At Red Clover, we’re passionate about providing top-notch strategic HR services for tech companies. If you’re ready to begin working with an experienced HR consulting firm, or if you’re just interested in learning more about how we can help, reach out! We’re happy to schedule an introductory with you — all you have to do is contact us directly to get started. 

The Results

Construction and Contracting

A commercial roofing contractor was in hyper growth mode. They had goals to increase their field workforce to expand their service area to additional states and geographical locations. If they were to grow their field workforce, they would also need to increase their administrative, operational and sales headcount to support the additional workload created by increased field work. Additionally, they were challenged in workforce retention and development, experiencing high turnover, and did not have a dedicated Human Resources professional to manage employee relations and compliance issues that come with trying to scale a business.

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