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A 70 headcount pharmaceutical technology firm needed support in company culture alignment and integrating company core values in business interactions internally and with external customers. As a leader in medical software, there was also a need to guarantee legal and regulatory compliance in every aspect of the business, especially as it scaled to serve an expanding customer base.

What We Did

The organization did not have a dedicated HR resource. With our intimate knowledge of the company and its unique needs, we sourced for candidates with the tactical HR experience needed to support a compliance-focused organization. We also identified individuals who had the capacity to take on a more strategic role to develop people-facing processes that supported the long-term growth of the organization. We then served as the new hire’s mentor through their initial onboarding and adjustment to the organization, providing guidance and serving as an on-call resource in areas where they needed expert HR support.

For their training needs as it related to the focus on compliance, we vetted a number of online EEO Training vendors. Through demonstrations and cost analysis, we identified the vendor of choice and introduced the product to the company’s workforce. In tandem with the HR Manager and senior leadership team, we developed intentional communications as part of an overall strategic communication plan to assert the organization’s commitment to 100% completion of the training and support of the key messages in the online training.

To further support the goals of the EEO training and connect the learning to company core values, we ran a focus group of select employees from cross-functional areas to understand internal and external perceptions of the organization’s three core values. We presented an executive summary to the senior leadership team and proposed classroom learning sessions to further reinforce the messages from the EEO training within the context of values-based and culturally-sensitive communication. We also introduced the concept of communication preferences based on DISC styles to help colleagues better work together based off their individual DISC profiles. We presented the training to the entire employee population, including the Executive Leadership Team, over the course of 5 interactive, engaging classroom sessions.

The Result

Based on our analysis and assessment of these sessions, the organization requested our continuing support by integrating the culture and communications session into new employee onboarding. We also created a 10-week pulse check series to further reinforce the messages from the in-person session; leveraging internally created video, sourced news articles, and assessments to keep the conversation going. We maintain the EEO training dashboard and continue to help support the company with our HR expertise and learning and development programs. They have expressed an interest in working with us to deploy company-wide DISC assessments and debriefs to further encourage commitment to core values and company culture.

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