Change projects can be tough. We believe that they deserve to be done well, both for the people impacted and the organizations they serve.

About Red Clover

Why us?

Experience. We offer large-scale, corporate Human Resources experience that’s accessible to smaller organizations.

Knowledge Transfer. Our goal is to leave your organization with the knowledge to continue successfully and independently of a consulting partner.

Collaboration. We roll up our sleeves and work with you to achieve your most challenging change plans.

Perspective. We bring a different perspective to the conversation: one that can help you see the problem, and the change plan, a little differently.


What we do

We partner with you to achieve your most challenging business changes through the design and implementation of people-based strategies and plans. And, we roll up our sleeves and help you deliver, whether it’s setting up the HR processes for your growing business or helping you manage a reorganization resulting from new technology, outsourcing or relocation.


How we work

Our Values

Family first. We believe that when given a choice between work and family, family should always come first. And while we need our work to provide for our family, we shouldn’t miss out on the special moments with loved ones because of work commitments, especially when we can usually achieve both goals. The key is good planning and communication. We share of ourselves personally and professionally and focus on why we do what we do, every day.

Got your back. My job is to make your job easier. It’s a simple concept and it applies to our clients and our colleagues. It also means that, while we seek clarification, we don’t second guess each other’s motives. It also means that we tell each other things that we might not want to hear, but that we need to hear to do better for our clients and the team.

Honest counsel. Our clients trust us with some of their most sensitive and confidential business information. We consider it a privilege to offer guidance and help define their strategic direction and strive to do our best for them, individually and as a team. If we ever feel that we are not in a position to give our best, whatever the reason, then we are not the right firm for the job. We foster trust and earn repeat business by openly communicating both what we can and cannot do.

Own it. If we want to lead organizations and people effectively, and help our clients do the same, we have to own the challenges that come with leadership. If there is a problem, we don’t point fingers or find an excuse. Every problem is our problem. When confronted with an issue, our first reaction is to take responsibility to fix it. We own it and we work together to solve it.