Learning and

Learning and Development programs support the skills acquisition needed to achieve program change goals.

Learning and Development

What we offer
We design and deliver customized learning and development programs to support change. The programs aim to build individual resilience, organizational capability, and a common language and culture as a foundation for change.

Typically, learning and development programs will be included as part of project engagements where we are changing HR business processes or supporting a client with organizational redesign or reduction in force. In all cases, these programs are specifically designed to support the overall business process transformation goals.

Why we’re different
We are not a training company; we’re a change company, dedicated to helping your business navigate a period of transition. Our programs have been developed as unique learning opportunities to teach employees the skills they need to support the change project.

Our trainers are not career consultants, by design. We have driven change in our organizations and lead teams through periods of transition. We bring a very practical perspective and understanding of the challenges that come with transformation and the resilience needed to lead change programs effectively.

We offer small group training programs for:

Behavioral interviewing
Managing conflict effectively
Leading during changing times
Building and managing effective teams

We work with:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
DISC & Driving Forces
Korn Ferry Leadership Architect®