3 Tips for Writing a Memorable Thank You Email- After the Second Interview

Rebecca Krattiger-Higgins
November 19, 2019

You’re past the first round of job interviews in your job search and have been invited back for the next round.


After the second round of interviews, you really want to define yourself as the best choice for the job. Sending a well-crafted thank you email after the second interview can help you stand out – and can help you land the job. Once the hire is made, employer’s can use these tips to prepare for the onboarding experience.

  • First, timing is everything. Be sure to send a post-interview thank you email the morning following the interview. Why? You’ve made an impression the day before, so sending a thank you email in a timely fashion, typically within 24 hours, brings you top of mind the next day among the other job seekers they met with. Perhaps the hiring team is heading into a meeting to discuss the role and you’ve just reminded them of your strengths and abilities. Perhaps they are interviewing another candidate and you have one more chance to reinforce your message. Either way, your post-interview thank-you note should include that you appreciated the time to speak with them and that you enjoyed learning about the position. Keep the momentum going!

  • Next, be sure to send individualized thank you emails to each person you have interviewed with instead of using the same email template. In the second round of interviews, it’s likely you met the team you would be working with, your hiring manager, and perhaps even an executive. What would you like to reinforce your abilities and experience? Use this opportunity to refer back to your interview in your thank you email. Did you discuss a project that went well? Perhaps one that didn’t? Take this time to expand upon your personal brand and go beyond the interview questions they asked. Be thorough – but be concise. This is your chance to leave a final and memorable impression on each member of the team before they make their decision.

  • Finally, close the thank you email with the reasons you are a great candidate for the role. Be sure to indicate your strong and continued interest in the job and along with your availability to start. Utilize a clever subject line, perhaps with the job title as well, to ensure they open your email. Of course, be sure to check (and double-check) for grammar & spelling mistakes – details matter!

With a well-written, thoughtful and timely thank you note after your second interview, you will leave your audience with a lasting, positive impact before the hiring decision is made. Good luck and happy writing!

Still need help writing that perfect second interview thank you letter? Or do you need assistance selecting the perfect candidate after the second round of interviews? Reach out to our team at Red Clover to learn about how we can help you!

Written by: Rebecca Krattiger-Higgins

Rebecca is a Consultant with Red Clover and specializes in Training and Development, Post-Acquisition Transition, Project Management, and Process Development.

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