Case Study: Leadership Development and MBTI®

Jennifer L'Estrange
January 31, 2016

This project was part of a corporate leadership development program for hi potential talent and brought together about 50 senior professionals from over a dozen countries and across all company functions.  Many of them were meeting for the first time and would be working together as part of a virtual project team over the next 12 months.  Our goal during the initial session, which was partnered with a major European educational institution, was to quickly establish high performing teams and help them decide on their ways of working and define the team culture that would support them during the year.


What we did
We facilitated a ½ day session with MBTI® and related exercises to clarify each participant’s preferences and then, as a group, understand different communication styles and how they impact team dynamics and decision-making. The session established the groundwork for the team roles, responsibilities and ways of working.


The result
We accelerated the groups’ progress through the stages of team development to make the best use of their limited time together before returning to their home locations and continuing project work as a virtual team.


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