3 Ways to Improve HR Interactions in Your Company

Kylie Cimmino
February 11, 2021

Human Resources can be defined as the department within an organization that handles the hiring process, training, and general administration of personnel. Most employees think of HR and automatically connect them with the negative situations they are typically brought in to address.  However, that definition is quite basic and those connotations stereotypical,  because in reality HR is so much more.  They are an integral function of business and should be viewed as partners that work as problem solvers and agents of change who help to bring about progress.  A good human resources department is key for operations to run smoothly and business to scale efficiently.  The following is a brief list of some of the things your HR department handles on a regular basis that you might typically overlook.

Human Resources Responsibilities Can Include

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding 
  • Employee Engagement
  • Payroll and Benefits
  • Learning and Development
  • Processes and Policies
  • Compensation
  • Performance
  • Employee Data Analysis
  • Compliance
  • Terminations

When reviewing that list, the vast majority can be seen as positive roles that provide support and assistance throughout the organization.  It is important that employees understand and are encouraged to see HR as a liaison to be utilized and not only the serious department brought in to address problems that arise.  You might be curious how you can achieve that ideal interaction within your own organization, we have a few ideas on how you can align your employees to best interact with your human resources department included below. 

Focus on the Positive

While Human Resources works on a myriad initiatives for a company the negative can overshadow the positive quite easily.  HR can be seen as the bad guy brought in when problems arise or terminations are being handled, but their efforts typically focus on much more positive responsibilities.  Did you know that human resources works on compensation structures, to ensure that employees are being paid fairly?  They integrate into learning and development, helping to provide opportunities for staff to improve skills and advance within the organization.  The HR department works on staffing, onboarding, and employee engagement to assist people through the process as they acclimate to a company or role.  They work to ensure payroll is correct and on time and benefits are implemented properly.  A solid human resources department helps to ensure many everyday business operations are handled appropriately and run smoothly which contributes to business and employee success.

Culture is Key

Have you identified your company culture?  The culture and work environment you provide within your organization sets the tone for your camaraderie and overall interactions both internal and external. Your company values, ways of operating, and employer branding all feed into your workplace culture.  If your culture is one with a focus on teamwork, inclusion, and communication you create an environment people want to participate in and a business others want to work with.  A key player in developing and driving company culture is your HR department.  They are the internal relationship managers of your business and when you position them in that light it promotes healthy communication and regular interactions.  The right company culture can have a major impact on employee turnover and progress, your ability to grow and scale, and the overall success of your business.  Your human resources team works to implement and monitor your company culture and can recommend adjustments to keep things on track.  The more interactions they participate in the better handle they have on how it impacts different aspects of your organization.

Good Communication 

Clear communication throughout your company is considered essential to good business practices.  However by encouraging employees to communicate openly with human resources you help remove the negative connotation that lies with HR as a whole.  Employees should feel comfortable sharing both positive and negative insight with HR, utilizing them as a real “resource”.  To be clear, HR should not be considered the complaint department, rather a safe space to express both concerns and ideas.  As with any communications, employees should remember that it is not a one-sided interaction but consists of both talking and listening.  When real communication is promoted it can elevate the success of individual employees and the company altogether.

Overall if you allow your employees to see the true value of the human resources department, the positive impact they have, and encourage healthy communication between HR and other departments improved interaction should follow.  Employees will be more likely to reach out to and build relationships with your HR team which is a benefit to any business as it strives to grow and scale.  If you need assistance with your internal HR department or have questions about outsourced HR support for your organization contact Red Clover.  We’d love to speak with you about how we work with companies both big and small to improve their human resources experience.

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