How Red Clover Can Provide Your Business Temporary HR Support

Eric Mochnacz
April 17, 2020

As organizations begin to shift their focus from managing the immediate impact of COVID-19 to developing long-term plans to face the future, it’s critical they have the temporary HR support to make the key decisions to move their business forward.  We’ve already provided a deep dive on how Human Resources has a critical role in crisis management here.  That blog is chock full of helpful general information about HR’s role in navigating through tough times.

Red Clover offers a range of change management and strategic human resources services to provide temporary HR support to businesses in need of qualified and skilled professionals.

Access Online

Remote work is more common now than ever before.  That doesn’t mean you need to put a halt to scaling your startup.  Our Access Online program is scheduled, online learning prepared to help you take the first steps in growing your business. 

HR Rapid Response

Your company is going through a transition right now, and every decision you make is critical to long-term success.  Not only are you working tirelessly to keep the business moving forward, you want to be proactive in mitigating risk.  You know you need to move quickly, but not rashly. This requires experienced HR professionals with vetted and experienced legal, compliance and outplacement partners to provide you the confidence to make sound decisions.  

Engaging with Red Clover for Rapid Response means we are readily available to assist with an immediate need that requires prompt intervention.  If you’ve found yourself with the need to unexpectedly exit people from your organization, we support you in the communication planning, notification timeline and leadership preparation necessary for the process to go smoothly.  Crucial transition projects that require you to move fast come with a higher-level of risk. When you’ve committed to a rapid response project, a devoted consultant works with you to develop and deliver the results and solutions you need to.

Access Plus

You’re a small business owner with fifty or less employees and you need HR support.  You don’t need (and may not be able to afford) a full-time HR professional, but you want access to an HR professional with strategic insight into people operations.  Access Plus is customized, part-time support from our consulting team.  We’re able to offer on-demand HR support at an affordable price to meet the financial realities of your small business. 

Red Clover’s subscription HR support program provides you access to a team member on custom terms to address your specific change management needs.  From once a week to half a day a week, based on your unique situation, a consultant is readily available to guide you in developing the key HR processes required to scale your business.  Our consultants work in tandem with you and your business leaders to map out quarterly goals and objectives together. Your assigned consultant is also ready to provide guidance with any unexpected employee relations issues that come your way.  

All Access

Our most comprehensive offering, an All Access Interim engagement puts you, the business owner, back in control of your time and resources by having a Red Clover consultant on-site to serve as the tactical and strategic HR advisor for your organization.  

The work plan we develop for the 3 to 6 month engagement is fully customized, based upon an in-depth analysis we complete with you and key stakeholders (we refer to this valuable discovery period of time as Week Zero.)  The consulting team working with you use the Week Zero report as a guide map for the ongoing, in-depth and in-person work we do with your organization as the temporary HR resource. An All Access engagement is all about Red Clover rolling up our sleeves with you to bring long-term and sustainable change to your business, with your company’s values, culture and long-term success guiding every choice we make.

We are uniquely positioned to help you in all aspects of your people operations function – internal communications, employee engagement, talent development, organization and job design, people transition planning and culture alignment.

Partnering with us for interim support is a longer term commitment and requires a substantial spend and you want a return on your investment.  We get it. Our All Access engagement always concludes with Red Clover sourcing your permanent HR resource and engaging with them in a comprehensive knowledge transfer.  We don’t roll off from your organization until we are confident that you are in capable hands and the work we’ve done will continue under your new head of HR.  

What Makes Red Clover the Firm to Work With?

We Are SHRM-Certified

The Society for Human Resources Management offers certification credentials to Human Resources professionals with a required number of years in  people-facing roles and who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of HR practices by engaging in a rigorous course of study and passing a comprehensive certification exam.  Our consultants are designated as Senior Certified Professionals and Red Clover is an accredited continuing education credit provider through SHRM.  

We offer regular webinars to advance our own learning and the learning of other HR professionals in the field.  Red Clover, as a firm, is committed to the continuing education of our team members, with the firm supporting the SHRM study and exam process for any incoming consultant.  Aside from these certifications, Founder and Managing Director Jen L’Estrange is a certified DISC and Driving Forces Analyst, a Global Remuneration Professional through World at Work, and a Certified User of Predictive Index.  Our credentials guarantee you are getting the best to make your organization the best.

We’re Not Your Typical Consultants

Although we are committed to achieving certifications and credentials that support our work and demonstrate our expertise, a Red Clover consultant isn’t your typical HR consultant.  Our leadership experience in managing people, change and businesses comes from a variety of fields, ranging from trades, to higher education to Information Technology.  

We don’t come from corporate HR, but we leverage our professional experience to deliver unique and innovative solutions to client problems you may not have considered before.  We aren’t a PEO or “outsourced HR”, but a strategic and tactical HR partner.  As you strive to make your business stand out, it makes sense to partner with a consulting firm who strives to stand out as well.

We Are Culture-Driven

We live and work by our core values and we partner best with companies who want to move forward with company culture in mind.  Because we embrace our core values as our guiding principles, we have no problem embracing yours to bring effective change to your organization.  

Red Clover is a Family First organization.  When forced to make the decision between work and family, family should always come first.  That means our consultants are able to bring our whole selves to work and in turn, we are able to bring our whole selves to the work we do with our clients.  

We’ve Got Your Back.  Our job is to make your job easier.  We may not care as much about your business as you do, but we come pretty close.  

Our team will always provide Honest Counsel.  You trust us with your most confidential business information and we take that responsibility seriously.  We foster trust and earn repeat business through open and honest communication. We always bid for the first gig, we often don’t have to bid for the second.  

Finally, we Own It.  We own the challenges that come with leadership.  Every problem is our problem. When confronted with an issue, our first responsibility is to fix it.  

If you’re ready to partner with a unique, skilled HR consulting firm to guide your business through its next steps, fill out our contact form to schedule a call with us!

Written by Eric Mochnacz

Learn more about Eric on LinkedIn!

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