Access Plus+:
Part-Time HR Support

Full-service HR that you can scale to meet the growing needs of your business. At a price you can afford.

Access Plus+

Our subscription program is specifically designed for employers with fewer than 50 employees who don't need full time support but want access to strategic services from a fully fledged HR team. It offers customized, part-time support at an affordable price.

Access Plus+ focuses on developing the people processes that support the overall business goals and staying accountable for delivery with quarterly progress reviews.


How we work

For many businesses, people related costs make up over 50% of the expenses on the income statement. Today, every business is a people business and your HR processes can either support your overall business goals - or work against them.

We help to define the processes for your business, your culture and your goals. We work hand-in-glove with your teams with both onsite and remote work to deliver results that support your values and ways of working.

Policies and Procedures
Performance Development

Employee Exits

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