Which Industries Need HR Support the Most?

Eric Mochnacz
June 10, 2021

HR Support for Startups

Startups are in a great position to receive innovative HR support.  Most startups want to grow the business and scale their workforce.  Why not partner with an HR consulting firm that has direct experience working in startup environments?  

You, as the founder, have ambitious plans for your business.  You may be an experienced entrepreneur, but you may not have the human resources knowledge to help grow the people operations side of the business.  Picking the right HR partner can make all the difference in developing key employee processes, policies and experiences from day one.  Whether you are making your first hire, trying to manage a difficult employee relations issue, or (unfortunately) undergoing your first termination notification, your start up needs an HR professional who buys into your company’s vision, jumps right in, and drives the business forward, hand in hand, with you. 

Technology Companies

How does a tech company remain competitive in a high demand job market?  Our human resources solution is candidate experience and competitive compensation.  We use technological tools, like Spark Hire video interviewing and LinkedIn Recruiter, to move quickly through the initial phases of the interview process, knowing that your business can’t keep quality candidates waiting.  Too often, traditional HR practitioners and businesses find themselves in a talent shortage because they have archaic, paper-based processes or insist on a series of interviews that take months.  The job market is extremely competitive right now, and we move quickly and efficiently with internal stakeholders to get top candidates in front of the right people.  We also develop competitive compensation structures, including incentive compensation programs, to support tech companies in acquisition of top talent and growing their workforce to support the ever-scaling tech industry.  These are essential pieces of our service offering that allow tech firms to stay ahead of the curve as they scale to keep pace with the ever-evolving tech industry.

Architect and Engineers

Architects and engineers are innovative thinkers and they deserve innovative HR solutions.  The architecture firms we’ve worked with have wanted to be pioneers in their world, and we’ve done that by working at every level of the organization to develop company core values.  We weave those values into their human resources processes, including management development, learning and training programs, and performance management.  Integration of core values into business operations impacts company culture, and we’ve helped companies leverage their value-driven culture to a strong employer brand.  We help architects and engineers create companies where people want to work and want to grow.  

Construction and Contracting

We love working with construction and contracting firms because of the impactful change we’ve brought to organizations in the trades industry.  In our experience, these businesses haven’t traditionally been exposed to what quality HR support looks like.  We are prepared to roll up our sleeves and help construction and contracting businesses strategically overhaul their people operations function.  

Whether you’re a family-owned commercial roofing company or a start-up residential contracting firm, you are looking for people with a very specific set of skills.  It can be challenging for business owners to devote time to developing a recruitment process that helps them hire people who possess those skills.  That’s where a skilled HR consulting firm comes in.  We work closely with business owners in developing employee lifecycle processes; writing job descriptions, bringing positions to market, and training hiring managers in behavioral interviewing techniques.  When we’re able to provide this level of HR support to our construction clients, they are able to elevate themselves among their competitors.  These businesses no longer feel like they need to hire any unskilled worker who walks in with an application but are able to attract and retain top talent in their respective industries.

Non-Profits and Trade Associations

It’s no surprise that businesses have had to pivot in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and non-profits and trade associations are no exception.  If you’re a member of a senior leadership team in a membership-based trade organization, we are equipped to help you reconfigure and reprioritize your business goals as you attempt to continue offering value to your members.  Any change in business model or process will have a direct impact on your people, and how you communicate that change can make all the difference in whether your key people adapt and grow with your organization or seek new employment elsewhere.  A strategic approach to change is critical, and Red Clover is the team that can guide that change every step of the way.

Looking for HR Support in New Jersey?

With experience working in all the industries listed above, our skilled consultants are ready to serve as your business’s fractional, outsourced HR resource to help you meet your ambitious change goals.  We work with your company’s best interests in mind and work at all levels of the organization to provide HR support and be the essential people operations resource you need to scale your business.  If you’re interested in bringing the best HR support and change management firm in New Jersey into your organization, reach out to speak with a member of our team for an introductory call.

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