Twelve Tips to Effectively Onboard, Train, & Develop Employees in Remote Workplaces

Eric Mochnacz
September 15, 2021

As a majority of the workforce remains remote and “Return to Office” plans get delayed or scrapped, companies need to effectively onboard and train and develop remote employees.

We were featured on the SHRM Blog with his tips for managing the employee lifecycle in a remote work environment.

To effectively onboard employees in a remote workplace, an organization must be well organized. The organization will need to think of every step in the onboarding process and plan accordingly. A detailed onboarding document needs to be created to outline the first week for the new employee. This will include meetings with team members, trainings, IT set up, orientation information, and more. Communication with the new employee prior to starting will also be critical. Onboarding remotely is a daunting task, but if the new employee is aware of what the process will be like, their expectations will be aligned accordingly.

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