Kylie Cimmino


Society of Human Resources Management – Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

Before joining Red Clover in 2018, Kylie owned and managed a successful commercial and residential painting company for over 7 years. As a result, Kylie is highly experienced in assisting other small trades businesses with general human resources, finance, and administrative functions.

Her unique blend of trades industry leadership experience and HR knowledge positions Kylie as a true partner to business leaders operating in engineering, construction, contracting and architecture. She has a real passion for helping businesses understand their needs and crafting customized solutions to help them achieve their goals. She is a gifted facilitator who is able to listen attentively to individual and team needs to determine the actions needed to correct performance issues or bring new talent into an underperforming organization. She is a no-nonsense communicator who develops trusted relationships with both business owners and employees to help them achieve their goals. She enjoys identifying the unique talents in the individual and understanding how they fit in and excel in an organization.
Some of Kylie’s favorite work as a consultant has been providing ongoing support to small business clients as they scale, developing processes to allow clients to meet their goals, and creating a learning and development curriculum to help a small business in build, rather than buy, its talent. Kylie received her SHRM-SCP designation in July of 2019.
When not working for Red Clover, Kylie can be found reading a book, travelling, creating in her kitchen, or helping out at her husband’s business, The Grande Saloon, in Clifton, NJ.

Selected Project Roles
Learning and Development Curriculum:
Worked with the business owner of a successful commercial roofing company to create a learning curriculum that allowed them to internally build, rather than buy, their talent and create a clear path for professional development and career advancement. Gathered information about the requirements for specific roles within the company’s organizational chart and researched course options for those needs to be met. Achieved two key strategic goals: Created a consistent learning and skills platform aligned with the newly created company career ladders and compensation plan. Solidified the company’s strategic competitive advantage for customer and talent acquisition by demonstrating, in concrete terms, the organization’s focus and investment in their people.

HR Process Design and Change Management:
Initiated the engagement by creating a handbook to meet compliance requirements and create clear direction for the growing staff of a start up junk removal company. Worked with the owner to create company values and align goals to meet business needs quarterly. Created KPIs and SOPs to help reach goals and create standardized processes. Streamlined the time tracking process with vetted software to resolve time tracking issues and anomalies. Assisted with seasonal workforce planning and hiring. Addressed employee relation issues as necessary. Helped design a variable pay plan that aligned with goals and business needs. Provided ongoing support to the organization and helped double revenue and increase profitability.

Recruiting Processes:
Assessed the current hiring process and hiring needs for a growing engineering firm that needed both human resources and administrative support roles filled. Evaluated their needs and created job descriptions for the new roles and underwent an organizational redesign to account for new positions and adjusted reporting lines. Reviewed the recruiting life cycle and provided behavioral interview training to allow for an updated and consistent interview and hiring process moving forward. Successfully sourced an internal HR resource. Developed a comprehensive workforce plan to prioritize future hiring and made adjustments to current headcount to support organization growth.

Business Management:
Possesses a decade of industry-specific knowledge and perspective in the trades as the owner/manager of a small commercial and residential painting business. Understands the importance of good business practices, record keeping, proper payroll procedures, and profit margins. Responsible for networking and marketing efforts and maintaining business relationships as the company transitioned over the years. Learned to manage staff, projects, and client expectations while handing the day to day business operations. Uniquely positioned with the insight to support small business clients.

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