The Team

We work differently. We didn't come from traditional HR roles. And, after years of managing teams, we have a certain approach to our work that puts our clients first.


Jennifer L'Estrange

Managing Director

As someone who started in IT, moved to HR and has worked on projects in more than 10 countries, Jennifer believes that anything can be learned, given the right context, attitude and support. She strives to help clients achieve their goals and transfer knowledge internally to their organization so that they achieve ongoing, sustainable change.

Jennifer has worked in HR Management roles and led Change Management projects focused on leadership development, organizational culture alignment, restructuring, and process change. Over the course of her career, she has covered the full range of HR processes across multiple countries and organizations.

Now as the Managing Director of Red Clover, Jennifer works with clients to address some of their most challenging change problems. While she has worked across a number of industries, she specializes in technology, consumer products, food and beverage, as well as technology-related change. Jennifer is a dual US-Swiss citizen and is fluent in English and French.


The Team

How we do it

We work a little differently. After years of managing consultants in our corporate lives, we have a certain approach to our work that we feel puts our clients first.

  • We only take on projects where we are convinced that we can add value. If we feel that we aren’t a good fit, we’ll try to refer you to someone who is.
  • Many of our consultants work part-time. It allows us to tap into a different talent pool for our consultants and partners.
  • Knowledge transfer is part of every project. We teach you to fly solo, not co-pilot.
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