Our Philosophy

At Red Clover, we offer a large-scale, corporate Human Resources experience that’s accessible to smaller organizations. We’re not your typical HR consultants. We don’t come from corporate HR, so we provide a different perspective and innovative, uncommon solutions to your specific change needs and people problems. Our diverse experience is what positions us to address your business’s unique human resources and change needs. We roll up our sleeves and work with you to achieve your most challenging change plans. Our consultants’ leadership and management experience across various industries makes us the perfect addition to your team as your organization undergoes change. Our people bring a real-world, practical approach to our projects that drives business results and puts people at the center of the conversation.

We are a youthful, mid-sized organization that required, and continues to require, proper guidance, direction and counsel. Red Clover fit the billing. Red Clover has proven to be an invaluable partner in helping us reach our goals, as well as, providing visionary content coinciding with our own while keeping us ever mindful of fairness, compliance and fiduciary responsibilities.

We build our talent. When we hire members for our HR team, we are committed to their growth through intentional, on-the-job training. We only spend time and energy achieving certifications that will directly benefit you as the client, from SHRM certifications to DISC analysis. Red Clover’s onboarding process is based off of years of people management experience and prepares consultants to hit the ground running with their first client engagement.

We Work a Little Differently

Our approach to work puts our clients first. We only take on projects where we are convinced we can add value. We are flexible in our approach to work, which allows us to offer flexibility in the service we offer to your business. Many of our consultants work part-time, which allows us to tap into a unique talent pool to serve our clients. We work closely with you to meet your individual business goals, and a thorough knowledge transfer is part of every project. Our goal is to leave your organization with the knowledge to continue successfully and independently of a consulting partner. This is Red Clover’s competitive advantage.

We help to define the processes for your business, your culture, and your goals. We work hand-in-glove with your teams with both onsite and remote work to deliver results that support your values and ways of working.

We Do All of This Within the Context of Our Company Core Values

Core Values are arguably one of the most important elements of any organization. Strong core values are the threads that hold a company together and make the organization what it is. By strongly believing in your core values, you are empowered to create the work environment you and your team want and deserve. Core values can (and should be) used to make hiring decisions (along with many other factors) as well as firing decisions. Hire for culture, train skill, that’s our philosophy.

We Wear Our Heart on Our Sleeve at Red Clover

At Red Clover, our core values are an extremely important aspect of our team culture. Here are the core values our team lives by each day:

Family First

We believe that when in a position to make the choice between work and family, family always comes first. As a result, our consultants are able to bring their whole selves, personally and professionally, to the office and client sites. Since we offer flexible work, our team is able to offer the same level of flexibility in our client engagements.

Own It

We own the challenges that come with leadership. Every problem is our problem; we don’t point fingers or make excuses. When confronted with a challenge, our consultants’ first reaction is to take responsibility to fix it. We own the work we do with our clients and work together to solve any problem that may occur during an engagement.

Got Your Back

Our job is to make your job easier. We may seek clarification or challenge each other to think differently, but we don’t assume the worst or look for conflict. We may tell a client what they don’t want to hear, but it’s to bring out their best and to help them actualize their potential for change. We can’t care about someone’s business as much as they do, but we come pretty close.

Honest Counsel

Clients trust us with their livelihoods, and with that, their most sensitive and confidential business information. We take that responsibility seriously. We consider it a privilege to guide our clients and provide a strategic direction for their business. We strive to do our best for each other. If we feel we aren’t positioned to give a client our best, we tell them. We foster and earn our client’s trust. We bid for the first engagement; we often don’t have to bid for the second.

Get Shit Done

We are nothing else if not a team that rolls up their sleeves and digs in to deliver. We strive to deliver real, tangible results for our clients.

The Results

Start Ups

A start up junk removal company was preparing for growth and recognized the need for compliance and HR processes to help scale appropriately. The company lacked structure and policies to sustain growth. There was an evident need for ongoing support for employee relations, compliance, policies, compensation planning, recruiting processes, and change management.

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