Temp-to-Hire – Is It Right for Me? 

Rebecca Krattiger-Higgins
January 23, 2020
Are you someone who is in transition after a layoff or another job change? Are you a new college graduate?  Maybe you are someone who is looking to finally make a big career change. While you are looking for your next great role, a smart and effective tool to add to your search is the temp-to-hire job option. Temp-to-hire roles can give you a chance to try a new job — before deciding if it’s really the direction you want to head in next.

Finding the Right Temp Agency 

Like any job search, engaging with a temporary staffing agency begins with the interview process. You will interview with the agency and a variety of companies, so there will be opportunities to keep your interviewing skills honed. Based on the knowledge, skills and abilities demonstrated during the interview, the temporary staffing service will place you into the job that is the best fit. It may be a role or industry you are interested in — or it may be a new direction you haven’t considered yet. Either way, it is an opportunity to learn and grow while you are still looking for your next full time position. For some, the idea of being hired “temporarily” can be a bit unsettling or seem too risky. As part of your search, it is important to find a reputable temp-to-hire agency that can help bridge any gaps, because as one placement ends, they will work with you to find your next assignment.  From a compensation perspective, you will typically be paid directly from the temporary staffing agency, as they are paid directly from the company where you are assigned (withholding payroll taxes and other necessary deductions). Again, this makes job transitioning while you’re looking for that long term position even more seamless, as you are technically a W2 employee of the temporary staffing firm (until that great offer is made!)

Opportunity Awaits

Temp-to-hire work is a great opportunity for prospective employees and employers alike.It allows both parties to try a position before it’s made permanent. As a candidate looking for work, you have the opportunity to keep your skills sharp, while also potentially learning new ones. Meeting the other company employees and adding to your network is an additional benefit. It’s a great way to learn that if the culture of the organization is a good fit for you before moving forward. 

Try It On for Size

Typically, these temporary job placements last between 30 and 90 days, based on the contract with the temporary staffing agency. This time spent can be a great investment as you are able to experience a company, it’s culture and the position first-hand before deciding to move forward. For the employers, it may provide the ability to scale up or down, based on seasonal or project-based work, opening a new channel for talent to join the organization. It can really be a win-win! Ultimately, exploring temp-to-hire options are an effective tool in any job seeker’s tool chest. Temp-to-hire positions allow you to keep your skills up to date, meet new people and fill in any gaps on your resume between permanent positions. Your overall job search strategy will only benefit by the amount of opportunities  you are exposed to throughout this temporary period. You never know when that temporary opportunity can lead to your permanent dream job!

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