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Red Clover’s most comprehensive offering, an interim Human Resources management engagement puts you, the business owner, back in control of your time and resources by having a Red Clover consultant on-site to serve as the tactical and strategic HR advisor for your organization. Making the choice to engage with Red Clover as your interim HR support provides your company an HR professional who is uniquely equipped to handle the wide range of people-facing processes critical to an HR leadership role – recruiting and hiring, internal communications, employee engagement, talent development, organization and job design, people transition planning, culture alignment, terminations and employee offboarding.

When you’re attempting to scale, but aren’t sure how to do it or your HR Manager suddenly resigns, that’s where a long term interim engagement with Red Clover pays off. People-facing decisions come with their fair share of risk. As you make critical decisions that will inevitably impact your employees, having a trusted human resources advisor on-site with extensive people leadership experience is key to your success. The diverse experience and backgrounds of the Red Clover consulting team allows us to identify the right team member to serve as your interim HR manager.

How an Interim HR Engagement with Red Clover Works

An interim HR management engagement begins with the team at Red Clover completing a thorough assessment of your organization by speaking with key stakeholders; the people we will be working closely with throughout our time with your company. We ask key questions to better define the scope of work, identify key deliverables, and determine the length of time it and number of consultants it will take to deliver effective and sustainable results. We call this process “Week Zero.” It’s how we get to know your organization and you get to know us – and we determine if we’re the right for each other. Regardless of your decision to engage with us (although we like to think you will, because we are exceptional at we do), you will receive a copy of your Week Zero Report. The Week Zero Report outlines our detailed observations about your business; what’s working and what’s not and what that means for the future of your organization.

Once on-site, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Based on our comprehensive Week Zero report and the subsequent scope of work, we start putting people processes and procedures in place for a viable and sustainable Human Resources operation. We work directly with your people through communication planning and process implementation.

Consider this example – your employees are always coming to you about raises. They don’t understand the performance development process and how it influences your compensation decisions. We have direct experience in developing solutions to this common problem. The client, a medium-sized construction company, received detailed compensation structures and career banding and an updated performance development process, with all process documents and communication planning. Our ability to communicate these new processes was essential to its success and acceptance throughout the organization. This was one of the main goals of the interim engagement with this client, and Red Clover successfully delivered.

For any long term commitment (our interim engagements typically run from 3 to 6 months), you want a return on investment. We get it. An interim HR engagement with Red Clover always concludes with us working with you to source your perfect permanent HR team member. We manage the recruitment process to bring someone in that will continue the progress we’ve made but also move the organization forward in their own way, with your company culture and goals in mind. We won’t roll off a project until we’ve completed a thorough knowledge transfer with your new HR hire. We take a step back when everyone is confident your company is in capable hands.

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A start up junk removal company was preparing for growth and recognized the need for compliance and HR processes to help scale appropriately. The company lacked structure and policies to sustain growth. There was an evident need for ongoing support for employee relations, compliance, policies, compensation planning, recruiting processes, and change management.

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