Managing the Recruitment Process From Start to Finish With RPO

Eric Mochnacz
June 5, 2023

Small and medium-sized business owners know they need to scale their businesses.  In order to grow their business, they need to grow their workforce.  Recruiting can be a time-consuming process for a business owner and they often don’t have the specific HR expertise needed to create and execute a successful recruitment strategy.  That’s why Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an effective solution for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO) is when a business opts to outsource the entirety of its recruitment function to a third party.  It’s different from working with a staffing agency, recruiting firm, or headhunter in that the cost is based on a project or engagement basis rather than on a commission on the candidate’s base salary.  Your contracted RPO resource manages the entirety of your recruitment process – even creating the process if your business doesn’t have one yet – rather than just placing candidates in front of hiring managers to interview.  RPO is a comprehensive, thorough approach to recruiting top talent for your business.

How Does RPO Work? 

When you choose to outsource your recruiting, there are a number of ways to meet your recruiting needs.  RPO can manage recruiting for a specific business function, a high-volume role that you need to fill on a rolling, ongoing basis, or the entirety of your recruitment process.  Once you’ve identified your vendor, they get to work on evaluating the current state of recruiting in your business and begin to build out your process and strategy.  They build relationships with key stakeholders in the organization and involve them in the hiring process.  They learn everything they need to know about the business to create a company-specific approach to hiring top talent.  RPO teams create an integrated recruitment process and manage it all from start to finish.

How RPO Can Help Manage the Recruiting Process 

Working with a consulting firm who specializes in RPO helps manage your recruiting process in the following ways – 

  • If you are a smaller business or startup without a recruiting process, RPO firms can build one for you from scratch.  They understand recruitment best practices while also tailoring your process to your specific business needs and industry.  RPO consultants are familiar with HR tools and methods you use to find the right candidates for your open roles.  They have the time to devote their full attention to building and implementing a scalable, repeatable recruitment process.
  • Think of the time savings that come from having HR professionals manage your recruitment process from end to end.  Skilled RPO consultants evaluate current job descriptions and revise them or create new ones for new rules.  They develop screening criteria and step-by-step recruitment processes.  They formulate interview questions and train hiring managers in compliant and effective interview techniques.  Their attention is solely devoted to building your team so you can focus on building your business. 
  • As your RPO partner navigates executing your talent acquisition strategy, they become familiar with how your company works.  That greater level of insight influences their ability to predict workplace trends and be more proactive in going to market for critical roles.  They will be able to execute on recruitment tasks independently because of their intimate knowledge of your workforce and growth trajectory.  
  • Red Clover’s RPO services are offered as part of our service offerings and can be integrated holistically into an interim HR management agreement.  Which means you pay a fixed price cost for the engagement.  We won’t upcharge you a commission based on the candidates’ identified salary.  Our goal is to find the best talent for your open roles.  We work on behalf of the company, and within their existing salary structures, to find the people who will help move their business forward.  We don’t break your salary structures to improve our chances of close and a higher commission.

Ready to Invest in a Trusted RPO Consultant? 

Our RPO services are proven to save companies money on recruiting fees and on hiring an internal HR resource.  Our consultants own every aspect of your hiring process from beginning to end, freeing up your time to run and scale your business.  Reach out to us if you want to outsource your recruiting to experts in RPO.

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