Human Resources: It’s So Much More Than Paperwork

Jennifer L'Estrange
June 13, 2024

Human Resources is an essential function in every business. While HR departments do handle a significant amount of paperwork, they are involved with so much more. Traditionally, HR is responsible for a number of processes related to talent management. This includes recruitment, onboarding, training and development, compensation and benefits, and performance management. These core functions contribute to employee experience and overall satisfaction, which directly impacts the overall success of any business.

What Human Resources Looks Like in 2024

As a result of unprecedented times, HR professionals have been faced with a unique challenge. How can they effectively do their job while working remotely? Core HR functions have been forced to pivot their scope to produce new business operating strategies and to allow for flexible work arrangements. Many Human Resources departments were tasked with executing a reduction in force plan as well as a restructuring plan for its remaining employees. As the economy and businesses started to reopen, HR specialists were challenged with creating and implementing a ‘Return to Office’ plan that ensures a safe working environment for employees. Organizations have also seen a sizable increase in the amount of employee requests for accommodations. It is essential for HR professionals to create an interactive process with employees to analyze risk and to find a reasonable accommodation, while ensuring that they are complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

Building a Talent Pipeline

A talent pipeline is a proactive recruitment approach that builds and nurtures relationships with top talent, both internal and external to the firm, who can fill vacant positions when the need arises. For this tactic to be successful, the Human Resources department needs to understand the business’ objectives and goals. This proactive approach to sourcing talent involves actively searching for people who already work in the field and opening a line of communication with them. Actively seeking out candidates allows the hiring manager more control over the hiring process. It also eliminates the need for resume triage from individuals who are just applying for any job that they see. LinkedIn is a beneficial resource for this process as hiring managers can ensure that the people they are reaching out to have the required experience.

Once a viable candidate with the required experience and skills has been found, it is important to make sure they are the right fit for the position. Red Clover uses Behavioral Interviewing as we fully believe previous behavior is a good indicator of future performance. It is also essential to identify if the candidate has the required skills, abilities and core competencies that are relevant to the position. Red Clover suggests using Korn Ferry to identify these key performance indicators. Once the right fit for the position has been chosen, it is crucial to have a background check run to validate the information they have provided before giving them an official offer letter. Key advantages to building a talent pipeline is that it can save the firm time and money, improve the quality of hires, and minimize business disruption.

Building Loyalty and Commitment

Having employees who are loyal and committed to their organization creates a competitive advantage as there will be higher productivity and employee retention rates. Employers can leverage core HR responsibilities such as training and development to achieve this.

Employees want to feel like they are making a valuable contribution to the overall mission of the organization. Training and development will satisfy this need as it will allow employees to acquire new skills that will help them grow both personally and professionally. It is essential for employers to provide growth opportunities for employees so that they have the chance to utilize their new skill sets. Managers should also delegate additional responsibilities so employees do not develop apathy about the company or their position. It is imperative to offer constructive feedback, both positive and negative, to employees so their contributions are recognized and there is constant improvement. If an employee is satisfied with their job and career development, they will be more loyal and committed to your organization.

Staying Current and Competitive

Employers need to stay current and competitive with employee benefits. However, when we talk about employee benefits we mean so much more than just salary and healthcare benefits. Employers can offer unique and non-traditional employee benefits. With COVID-19 most employees are already working from home, but this is a benefit that should be considered for long-term implementation. Employees want flexible work schedules and remote working opportunities.  If applicable, employers can offer tuition assistance.  Consider benefits that focus on proactively addressing employee health – on-site including gym access, child care, or  free coffee, water and healthy snacks. While unique perks can interest employees, it is still important to offer the benefits employees commonly expect –  competitive salary, health insurance, parental leave, paid sick leave, vacation, and paid holidays.

How Red Clover Can Help Your Business

Red Clover offers a progressive HR approach that helps drive businesses forward. Our consultants are subject matter experts on HR services as we are certified through the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) as Senior Certified Professionals. We use our expertise and experience to provide personalized HR services for each client. Red Clover can help your small to medium sized business create processes to be successful in a remote environment. We can also help you identify resources to build a talent pipeline to find committed and loyal employees and to stay current and competitive.  
If you’re interested in learning more about our progressive approach to Human Resources management, reach out to us here!

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