How an HR Consultant Can Help Your Construction Company Grow

Eric Mochnacz
February 24, 2022

When Red Clover began working directly with construction clients, we soon recognized that employees and business leaders in that industry were grossly underserved.  Feedback from construction industry leaders and clients are they value working with HR consultants because HR leaders with traditional, corporate HR backgrounds don’t have the strategic acumen, practical experience, or EQ to manage an hourly, labor workforce.  We bring unique and innovative approaches to common industry issues, giving construction businesses the edge against their competitors.  We solve the same old HR problems your construction company hasn’t been able to solve with a fresh set of eyes, focusing on strategic, scalable and repeatable HR solutions to drive your business forward 

Assist With the Recruiting and Hiring Process

In the construction industry, employers have traditionally leveraged the networks of their skilled trades worker employees to bring new talent into the organization.  It’s not uncommon for a referral to walk in, meet the hiring manager, speak briefly about their experience, and get hired on the spot with a handshake.  Although that may have been effective in the past, that interview “process” doesn’t necessarily identify if your new hire is the best fit for the role or your organization’s culture.  Red Clover leverages our expertise with recruitment process outsourcing to take tried and true talent acquisition methods and adjust them to the unique needs of construction businesses and their skilled laborer workforce.  With devoted and skilled HR support, your construction firm can position itself to attract and retain top construction talent by integrating tailor-made recruitment solutions into your employee lifecycle.  We can own the entire recruitment lifecycle by creating and revising job descriptions, establishing time efficient interview processes, and training your managers in effective behavioral interviewing techniques so you make the right hire for your company.

Aid in Training and Development

We’ve talked briefly about how we can help improve your talent attraction strategy, but we can also help you retain the talent you’ve invested time and effort into recruiting.  If a skilled construction professional has made the decision to join your company, they want to know you are invested in their growth.  One effective way construction companies can retain skilled workers, and avoid high turnover,  is by working with your HR partner in developing a comprehensive learning and development program.  Red Clover has direct, practical experience in developing a training and development curriculum for a small commercial roofing company committed to establishing themselves as an employer of choice.  We work with business leaders and hiring managers to understand what professionals need to excel in their respective construction industry and create customized training programs, aligned with industry best practices and company expectations.  Additionally, as you scale your construction business and look to promote internally, we provide management development programs and leverage DISC assessments to better understand how your newly promoted leaders communicate so they can be successful in their management careers.

Ensuring Worker Safety

Construction workers work in, on and around buildings and employee safety is paramount.  HR Consultants, especially the ones at Red Clover, work with the experts within the business to understand the risks associated with construction work.  Through collaboration, we develop policies and practices that keep your workers safe while also ensuring business continuity.  Your HR Consultant can also serve as an advocate for the field workers, engaging with them and listening to any safety concerns they may experience in their day to day work.  A committed HR resource can address these concerns, create new policies or revise already existing ones to further support employee safety.

Help With Compensation and Benefits Plans

We already reviewed the importance of training and development in retaining employees and cultivating talent.  Compensation also plays a key part in attracting, maintaining and growing your workforce.  We have practical, demonstrated experience in creating salary structures based on market benchmarking, internal equity and your company’s budget.  We recognize compensation isn’t solely base pay, so we work with companies to identify additional benefits offerings and incentive compensation plans to create a comprehensive compensation plan for employees at all levels of your construction organization.  Fringe benefits, like PTO programs, parental leave, and flexible or hybrid working schedules are also part of your company’s compensation program, and Red Clover can help you develop these culturally-aligned practices and policies to support your employer brand and make you an attractive employer to skilled tradespeople.

Maintain Compliance

The only way all these other programs can be successful is if your construction company has a strong HR foundation.  Working with an HR consultant to develop company policies, traditionally outlined in an employee handbook, will help you remain compliant as you grow.  Employment law is always changing, and you don’t have the bandwidth to remain current on employment law while running your business.  That’s how Red Clover further supports construction companies; we proactively address employment law changes and communicate them to your workforce to ensure compliance.  Red Clover consultants also ensure your recruitment practices, learning and development programs, career growth plans, and compensation and benefits plans are equally accessible and equitable for every member of your workforce.  Our strategic and knowledgeable approach to building your construction company’s HR function helps mitigate risk and maintain continuous compliance

Looking for an HR Consultant for Your Construction Company?

Red Clover has demonstrated practical experience working with construction companies as their fractional, outsourced HR resource.  As an Interim HR Manager for a commercial roofing company, serving them over the span of six months to grow their HR function and business, we 

  • Executed a revised recruitment strategy to find top industry talent
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive learning and development curriculum to skill up workers and support internal career growth
  • Created a data-driven, research-based compensation structure to remain competitive in the market and support ongoing performance management and career pathing

We can deliver the same results to your construction business.  Reach out to schedule an introductory call.

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