What to Make of Job Ads With Wildly Variable Salary Ranges? They’re Not Helpful and Could Get a Company Sued

Jennifer L'Estrange
November 17, 2022

Jen L’Estrange was recently featured in Inc. speaking on why posting jobs with widely valuable salary ranges can cause the company to loose candidates.

Companies that post jobs with exceptionally wide salary ranges run the risk of losing candidates because they aren’t communicating the real value of the job. At best, it’s confusing. At worst, it erodes credibility and damages the employer brand.

Jen L’Estrange

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Tech Companies

A 70 headcount pharmaceutical technology firm needed support in company culture alignment and integrating company core values in business interactions internally and with external customers. As a leader in medical software, there was also a need to guarantee legal and regulatory compliance in every aspect of the business, especially as it scaled to serve an expanding customer base.

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