The True Cost of Replacing an Employee

Jennifer L'Estrange
September 30, 2021

As employers manage the impact of the “Great Resignation”, losing an employee comes at a major cost to the company.

Red Clover’s founder and Managing Director, Jen L’Estrange, was featured by GoBankingRates to provide her expert insight on the true cost of replacing your employees.

Business continuity comes at a premium,” L’Estrange said. “If you’ve just lost someone in a critical business operations role, then the first priority is finding cover. For management roles, interim can be a solution, but it comes at a price — typically 20-25% more than the fully loaded cost of the person who just left.

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The Results

Architects and Engineers

We were referred to a successful values-driven architecture firm approaching a 50 person headcount with HR needs. As they approached that employment milestone, they needed to ensure they had the HR structure to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and were set up for successful growth. We worked to help put the right policies and processes in place to support the scalability of their organization.

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