High performing teams leverage the diversity and strengths of every member.


Team Performance


What we offer

We offer facilitated group conversations to review team goals, communication styles and approaches to problem solving. They can be individual or recurring depending on the team and their needs. We focus on achieving the business goals of the team and work on removing the obstacles that are keeping the team members from achieving them.


Why we’re different

This is not your typical performance management process. We are focused on employee engagement and developing individual and team performance by developing strengths and getting clarity on preferences.

We use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to better understand the preferences of each team member and to prepare the ground work for group facilitation. MBTI® has been highly effective in helping teams experiencing dysfunction, whether they are newly formed or established, address conflict constructively and achieve sustainable changes in productivity and performance.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

MBTI® is the most widely used psychometric tool on the market today. Available in 21 languages and with decades of research to support findings and applications, it offers a sound basis in evidentiary findings to support our work in developing performing teams