High performing teams leverage the diversity and strengths of every member.

Team Performance

How do you create performing teams?
Great teams come from strong leadership and high employee engagement. Often we learn our leadership skills from the managers we worked for earlier in our careers. For many of the smaller or fast-growing organizations that we work with, they haven’t had the opportunity to learn through role modelling. In this case, we need to ‘engineer’ performing teams, by training on the key communication skills that lay a foundation for leadership and helping individuals understand their communication styles and preferences so that they can recognize and value the differences in their teams.

What we offer
We offer leadership development training specifically geared to changing organizations, facilitated group conversations  to build alignment around goals and team profiling using DISC and Driving Forces.

Our goal for each program is to support the overall business change objective and we work on removing the obstacles that are keeping the team members from achieving them.

All of our development programs use either Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or DISC and Driving Forces, combined with either Competencies or Emotional Quotient.

We also partner with 3rd party survey providers for employee engagement surveys and facilitate the action planning sessions that result.  We have worked with Gallup on Q12 implementations as well as using NJ “Best Places” survey results to drive organizational change agendas.

Why we're different
We are focused on employee engagement and developing individual and team performance by developing strengths and getting clarity on preferences. Our consultants will partner with selected 3rd parties for psychometrics, survey data, and competency development. We aim to help individuals struggling with change as well as teams experiencing dysfunction and address issues constructively to achieve sustainable changes in productivity and performance.

We offer project-based services for:

Leadership Development
Individual and team performance
Ways of working
Team Profiles using TriMetrix
Facilitation for Leadership work sessions