8 Ways Stellar Candidate Experience Helps You Hire Rockstars

Eric Mochnacz
February 1, 2023

Eric Mochnacz spoke to Joveo about our proven recruitment process, and how keeping to a three-step interview process enhances candidate experience.

We commit to three interviews—that’s it. Initial phone screen, an interview with other consultants, and then a final interview with leadership. With our proven recruitment process, we move quickly with the candidates’ time in mind. The internal metric for closing a role is 28 days. We move through the process to achieve that metric.

Check out this complete thoughts here.

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The Results

Construction and Contracting

A commercial roofing contractor was in hyper growth mode. They had goals to increase their field workforce to expand their service area to additional states and geographical locations. If they were to grow their field workforce, they would also need to increase their administrative, operational and sales headcount to support the additional workload created by increased field work. Additionally, they were challenged in workforce retention and development, experiencing high turnover, and did not have a dedicated Human Resources professional to manage employee relations and compliance issues that come with trying to scale a business.

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