5 Ways to Improve Self Esteem to Transform a Team’s Success

Kylie Cimmino
January 8, 2020

A team’s success cannot be attributed to a single member.  We’ve all seen the cheesy motivational poster proclaiming “There is no I in TEAM” and as cliche as that may sound, it is true.  A team has multiple people with different personalities, motivators, and styles that work together to form a cohesive unit. Each individual’s self esteem is linked to their performance and deliverables which in turn affects the team’s success.  

I know when I feel my best, both physically and mentally, what I produce and how I participate is elevated in comparison to when I’m not quite feeling myself.  Keeping this in mind, how do you contribute to and encourage positive and healthy self esteem for your team members to contribute to their overall well-being to optimize success?  Red Clover has some ideas you can put into practice within your organization to boost both individual self esteem and team morale. 


Meetings are a necessary part of everyone’s work week.  They might be formal scheduled sit downs in a conference room, brief huddles in your office, or conference calls.  A meeting can act as a time to gauge progress, see who might need help, and plan together. You can also utilize this time to do shout outs, acknowledging how someone exceeded expectations, exemplified a core value, or impacted someone or something positively.  Making sure individual team members understand they are appreciated and have contributed to success will help create a positive work culture while raising individual self esteem and performance.   =

There is a quote I have seen floating around the internet, “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected,” and it really resonated with me.  Appreciation isn’t costly or extravagant, but it can greatly raise someone’s self esteem. Encouraging employees and highlighting their successes can increase their mental health, yield a more productive working environment, and raise their self esteem.  Let your team know when they are doing great things, you may be surprised by the impact it can have. 


People work to make money, and since money is needed for just about everything, making more money is ideal.  Compensating employees properly is essential. It’s an important component of remaining competitive in the job market, attracting and retaining good talent, and increasing the morale of your staff.

If an employee feels they aren’t paid appropriately, they may begin to look for a new job or they might have to work another job to make ends meet.  If someone is spending time job hunting or working elsewhere they could be stressed out, distracted, and disengaged which does not bode well for positive self esteem or work environment.  

While money is a large component of compensation, money isn’t the only thing to consider when looking at overall employee compensation.  Compensation can include other perks and incentives. Can employees work from home? Do they have a flexible work schedule? Are benefits provided?  Do you offer variable compensation plans? All of these things demonstrate you value and trust your employees and in turn will boost their confidence and self esteem.  


Of course you should invest money in your employees, but we’ve already discussed financial investment with compensation.  We recommend investing your time, effort, and company dollars in the ongoing and intentional development of your staff. Do you spend time setting both personal and company goals with employees?  Do you have check ins with your people to know what’s going on? Do you do performance reviews quarterly? Do you have development programs in place?  

If you answered no to any or all of these, what are you waiting for?  Sit down and get to know your people, understand how your team operates, help set goals, provide learning resources, and create an environment where transparent communication is the norm, not the exception.  Your people should feel empowered and encouraged to talk to you as their manager.  

Most of these investments take more time and effort than actual dollars, which when implemented properly should give you a great ROI. Your people want to know the company supports them and their future at the organization.  If you are putting resources behind their advancement they will feel valued and appreciated, which boosts self esteem.

Company Culture

Have you established an office culture?  Do you have values outlined in your handbook?  We’ve established that a team is not just one person, but do you cultivate a workplace that promotes collaboration and teamwork?  A healthy workplace culture and clear core values allows for a work environment where people can confidently work together, develop their skills, and build their self esteem.  

A workplace that cultivates relationships and values has employees that are engaged and dedicated.  Core values and being a culture-driven company connects employees to your organization and its goals.  When people are connected and invested in their work, they feel better about themselves and the work they are doing.   


Are you a business owner or manager?  Do you understand your own value and exhibit self-confidence?  Do you take time to evaluate your own work? Your actions are observed by everyone you work with, especially if you are in a position of authority, and you set the example and tone for those around you.  Your perception of yourself impacts how you interact with your team, which in turn impacts how they perceive themselves. 

If you respect time off, set clear expectations, and have good communication your team, they will notice and appreciate your actions.  You are setting the bar for how employees should work both individually and together as a team.  

People who feel good about who they are and what they are doing will be more positive, and that will impact morale and productivity.  When people feel valued they will work harder and not just meet expectations, but exceed them. Hitting those targets and achieving goals make a team successful, and everyone wants to be a part of the winning team.

Written by Kylie Cimmino.

Learn more about Kylie and her work on LinkedIn.


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