Recruiting and Retaining Salespeople Amidst The Great Resignation

Jennifer L'Estrange
February 1, 2022

The goal of the hiring process is to gain an employee who will stay and grow within your company. Employers should provide a job description that fully exposes what the job will entail, and what the employee can expect from they company in terms of compensation and benefits. These details will allow candidates to understand what their potential job will look like before they are hired. Additionally, employers should be asking questions during the interview process that will allow them to predict how their potential hire will act in situations that they will encounter on the job.

Jen L’Estrange’s article was featured in Auto Dealer Today. She offers advice to automotive dealerships on how to recruit employees, but her advice can be applied to any industry. She provides examples on the types of questions that employers should be asking to get an accurate representation of how their candidates will act in the role they are hiring for. Advice is offered on how to write job descriptions that will appeal to candidates, and help them understand what you expect from them as an employee.

The more clearly you can articulate who you are looking for, the more likely you are to get it.

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