Professional transition focuses on the movement of employees from one position to another, either in or out of the organization.


Professional Transition


What we offer

We offer a unique, project-driven approach to job search for senior professionals that’s available for individuals and groups. Weekly meetings and learning sessions provide the accountability needed to keep the plan on track. This is not coaching. Clients work with Talent Development experts to implement a job change plan that they develop together. Typically we work with individuals for 25 weeks and groups for 12 weeks with 12-month access to the peer group for support and accountability after the program.


Why we’re different

Professional Transition differs from both outplacement and career counseling in that the methodology is project-based and the activities are set up to meet a specific goal: a goal that is set by the individuals themselves. Our methodology focuses on activities that are common to most job searches, but which put you at the center of the conversation and make you accountable for the activities and deliverables every step of the way.


Transition Accelerator

This live online program is for anyone currently looking for their next role or thinking of making a job change. Each session includes live webinars, accountability checkpoints, weekly assignments, peer group networking and access to an unlisted LinkedIn group to ask questions and share updates on your progress.


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