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Person writing thank you email after their second interview

3 Tips for Writing a Memorable Thank You Email- After the Second Interview

You’re past the first round of job interviews in your job search and have been invited back for the next round. Great! After the second round of interviews, you really want to define yourself as the best choice for the job. Sending a well-crafted thank you email after the second interview can help you stand…

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Salary negotiation between male and female coworkers

5 Essential Tips for Navigating Salary Negotiations

Let’s chat about money. The majority of people have it, spend it, are trying to make more of it, and save some of it when possible. Everyone needs money for the basic human necessities like a roof over one’s head, bills to pay, and mouths to feed yet talking about money, and asking for more…

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job candidates sitting in a row of five waiting for their interview for a new job

7 Ways to Update Your Dated Recruitment Process to Snag Top Talent

The recruitment landscape is shifting. Job hunters are feeling more empowered about their skills and are better equipped to navigate the hiring process with their personal and professional interests in mind. They recognize their value and walk into the interview room ready to negotiate. Once seen as a one-sided conversation where a candidate needed to…

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Group of young business people are working together in modern office culture.

The Significance of Company Culture to Successful Recruiting

You own or manage a company is growing and needs to hire more talent. Congratulations! While it is positive to have the need to hire, the process of acquiring talent during rapid growth can be quite daunting, time-consuming and costly. The recruiting process can be quite involved and intimidating, but it does not have to…

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female shaking hands with new coworker before onboarding

5 Ways to Keep Onboarding From Going Off The Rails

Congratulations! Your top candidate accepted the job, you have a signed offer letter in hand and a start date on the calendar. Great! Next up is the most critical part of the new-hire period: Onboarding. A well thought out, dynamic, and interactive onboarding program is critical to the retention and long term success of your…

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How to be an Effective Leader… 3 keys to success

Are you new to managing a team? Learning how to be an effective leader is hard, especially if you’re new to managing people. If you’ve been promoted from inside of the team, you also have to balance the shift in team expectations and behavior as well as your own. Here are a few tips on…

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EEO Compliance Training

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with EEO Training, LLC to offer online, interactive compliance training to our clients. This program will be offered as a stand-alone online class or as part of a multimodal program on communications and culture. A new way to introduce compliance By offering compliance training as an…

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W-2 vs. 1099: don’t misclassify!

How do you decide how to employ someone? Are they an employee or contractor? And, importantly, as a business owner, do you get to chose? The short answer to that last question is NO. You do not get to  decide if the person you hire is an employee or contractor. The IRS has already decided…

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Get Creative with Effective Onboarding

“How was your first day?” is the first thing any new employee hears when they head home after their first day at their new job.  A well thought out and executed onboarding program can guarantee a resounding “GREAT!” and serve as a strong engagement and retention tool for the employee over their first 90 days…

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NJFLA changes coming. Get ready now.

Changes in NJFLA will go into effect this summer. If you have employees based in NJ and have between 30 and 50 employees, in total, anywhere, these changes will impact you. Now is the time to adapt your policies and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance. What Changed? Governor Murphy signed into law an expansion of…

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