Change Management aims to realize the benefits defined in a project business case and deliver the return on investment that the program sets as its goal.


What is Change Management?
Change Management programs come in different shapes and sizes, but at end of the day, it's about realizing benefits or, in other words, a return on investment for the project.  Simply put, if you’re spending company time and money on changing professes, people, organizations or systems, there has to be a return. More often than not, the natural human resistance to change reduces that ROI or derails the program altogether.

Our Change and Transition Management Methodology focuses on two key goals: Benefits Realization and Business Continuity. Our core change management activities are Lead, Design, Develop, and Align. They focus on the human behavior elements of change. Our core transition activities are: Launch, Define, Retain and Sustain. They support the ongoing business continuity agenda that is so important for successful change projects.

What we offer
We help you to define your goals and the plan that will help you achieve them. Our project-based services are tailored to your needs and can include building out the change strategy and impact assessment, business case preparation, communications planning, changes to human resources policies and procedures, skills assessments and training planning, organization and job design, and people transition.

Why we’re different
We’ve literally been in your shoes. While we have worked in roles where people strategy is critical to success, our backgrounds aren't solely built on HR experience. In fact, most of us worked as line managers, business owners, functional heads or subject matter experts before moving into consulting. We understand the unique challenges of change programs and know exactly how hard it is to execute them at times. We know how to simultaneously move forward with business objectives while engaging with impacted employees in a way other firms simply cannot do.

How we work
With years of experience working on small and large-scale change initiatives, we work side by side with you to define your goals and the plan that will help you achieve them. We are a partner throughout the project and build long-term relationships with our clients. If you’re looking for a firm that is straight-talking, passionate about driving ongoing sustainable change, and engaging teams and individuals to have a genuine impact, then we may be a fit. Our goal is to help you make the right change for your organization – one that is often imperative for ongoing success.

We offer project-based services for:

Business case preparation
Communications and engagement
Organization and job design
Skills assessments and training planning
Changes to policies and procedures
People transition planning
Ways of working and culture alignment


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