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3 Ways to Build Employee Engagement

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Looking for ways to build employee engagement and productivity? Without spending a dime? Here’s some food for thought on how you can improve your bottom line and your perception as an employer of choice.

Catch them when they fall

Constructive failure can, and often does, enable great leaps forward in an organization.  Rather than reverting to the ‘blame game’ when someone fails, look at the root cause for the failure and be prepared the praise, celebrate and reward the failures that promote innovation, change and growth.
HBR: Strategies for Learning from Failure

Include social responsibility into your company mission and objectives.

Research is showing that employees look for companies where they not only make a contribution in their job roles, but also have the opportunity to take part in the sustainability and social responsibility objectives of their organizations.  Look for opportunities to support your employees in their volunteer efforts and include projects that allow you to leverage your company’s products and/or services to do good in your community.
Best for NYC
America’s Charities: The Business Case for Employee Volunteer & Skills Giving Programs

Think of your employees with a customer mindset.

There’s a shift happening among high performing companies where employees are viewed through the same lens as customers.  If employees are perceived and treated as brand ambassadors, companies will be rewarded with higher productivity, a stronger employer brand and ultimately greater financial success.
Accenture: Treating Employees as Customers


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