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Eric Mochnacz


Eric Mochnacz joined the Red Clover team as one of our Human Resource Consultants in November 2018, transitioning from an thirteen year career in higher education.

Mochnacz began his career in higher education early, acting as a Resident Assistant at Seton Hall University while completing his undergraduate degree in Communications. This eventually lead to a post-Grad position at Monmouth University where he worked for eight years as a Residential Life Administrator and Area Coordinator for Off-Campus Housing, while also obtaining his Masters degree in Counseling.

For the last five years, Mochnacz acted as the Assistant Director for Training/Development in the Housing office at Seton Hall University, which has ultimately helped prepare him for his new career at Red Clover.

While at Seton Hall, Mochnacz was in charge of multiple human resource functions, such as recruiting and training a student staff of 62 resident assistants, onboarding and overseeing their professional development and reviewing policy change when things became outdated. He considered himself a one-stop shop for all things HR related.

“For me, what’s valuable is that running the entire RA recruitment and training process was something we were able to do independent of human resources but it taught me a lot about taking a process that wasn’t working and taking a critical eye to make effective improvements and also making sure that we’re assessing what we do, that it truly was effective.” Mochnacz said.  

It’s this ideology that has led him to Red Clover, where Mochnacz’s passion for training and development shines bright as he aims to develop personal bonds with companies while helping them refine their processes and procedures to help meet their goals.

The relationships that Mochnacz had with his students translates to the relationship he aims to create with his clients. He wants to know everyone’s name, be personable, and develop a bond while still providing the professional guidance they’re seeking.

“I think it’s incredible to be part of  a product or service you believe in, especially when you can execute it to the point where you give an organization or group the tools to be independently successful.” Mochnacz said.

As Mochnacz grows his career at Red Clover, he wants to continue bringing data driven decisions to the forefront, especially during the recruiting process. Mochnacz is big on behavioral interviewing, which is something he feels makes Red Clover stand out, using a wide cast of resources to truly pick the best candidates for the best teams, helping close the gap between employee and manager and how they fit with each other.

“I’m not just someone who does phone screens for no reason with typical questions,” Mochnacz said.

“There is reason behind what we’re doing, it makes sense. Helping employees feel better about how they fit into the larger picture among their team as well as how managers can better help that employee fit into their team.”

Overall, what Mochnacz is looking to accomplish as a consultant is transparency. Making it known that when working with clients, he’s not there to solely put forth his own values, rather he wants to bring forth a collaborative answer to influence change that makes sense.  

“Change for the progress of the company not change for change’s sake,” Mochnacz said.

He wants to provide suggestions that assist with getting the company’s desired goals and changes off the ground.

“I think it’s natural for companies to hear human resource consultant, and everyone that I talk to, at least a little older than me thinks “efficiency expert”, like “this person is here to figure out how we can get rid of people.”

“But it’s more about no, we’re here to support you and being on site and being able to demonstrate to people we’re committed to the growth and the strengthening of your organization is why we’re here.”

Off the job…

Mochnacz has been an avid crossfitter for five years and holds his L1 training certificate. He currently interns at his CrossFit gym in hopes of leading a class on the schedule once or twice a week.  He is a bookworm with both personal and professional development books. He is always reading and listening to a book. He dabbles in baking and would really like to learn how to make doughnuts. He enjoys hanging out with friends and social activities, but also enjoys seeing movies by himself.

Areas of Expertise:

Recruiting, Leadership Development, On-boarding, Policy Development, Interpersonal Communication, Counseling, Management, Strategic Planning.