We offer a suite of strategic human resource services from full Change Program Management to Learning & Development programs to build in-house skills.

Change management

Do you have a case for change?
Whether your organization is growing, relocating, reorganizing or downsizing, change management provides the supporting framework to help deliver the benefits identified in your project plan.

With years of experience working on small and large scale change initiatives, we roll up our sleeves and work with you to define your goals and the plan that will help you achieve them. Services range from communications and engagement, changes to policies and procedures, skills assessments and training planning to organization and job design, business case preparation, and resource management.

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Professional transition

A different approach to transition.
We have developed a project-based methodology to help you define and execute a job search plan. The program is unique and offers the benefits of working with a Talent Development expert matched with a process that holds you accountable, drives results and keeps you at the center of the conversation.

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Team performance

Building engagement and accountability
We offer group facilitation to navigate, understand and resolve communication and performance issues for your teams. We use a variety of techniques to engage in productive conversation, including individual interviews, group discussions and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to clarify preferences in communication, leadership and problem solving.

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Learning and development

Supporting leaders during change
We offer several skills development programs to support you during change. The programs are designed to build individual resilience, organizational capability, and a common language and culture as a foundation for change. Classes are offered for organizations or individuals.

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