The Future of HR

Eric Mochnacz
April 14, 2020

What does the future of HR look like?

Consultant Eric Mochnacz had some thoughts to share.

Well, besides a new reliance on technology, employers may widen their scope in candidate geography. After we weather the storm, there will be at least a month of data that demonstrates certain jobs can be done remotely that weren’t done remotely before.

Eric has a lot more thoughts on the future of HR, especially in a post-COVID world. Check out his thoughts – and many others – in this long-form article.

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The Results

Start Ups

A start up junk removal company was preparing for growth and recognized the need for compliance and HR processes to help scale appropriately. The company lacked structure and policies to sustain growth. There was an evident need for ongoing support for employee relations, compliance, policies, compensation planning, recruiting processes, and change management.

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