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growing pains for a business red clover

Cultural Growing Pains

How do you protect your small company culture as you grow? It’s a great question. Now that you’ve hit operational running speed, how do you incorporate the badly needed business processes that will allow you to scale without sacrificing the “startup vibe” that has become your company identity and employer brand? Culture starts at the top.…

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Why Traditional Outplacement Doesn’t Always work

If you find that you’re struggling in your job search, even after having received outplacement support, you’re not alone.  In fact, in the US, you would be hard-pressed to find an outplacement firm ready to publish success metrics on job placement of their participants.  Here are a few insights into why you might be struggling and…

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hiring tips red clover strategic human resources and change management

5 Simple Tips for Great Hiring

Looking to hire the best people for your organization? It’s not as hard as you might think, but there are some key activities that will help you attract and select the best talent for your company. Make it a priority.  Your people are your business. Treat recruitment, hiring and on boarding as a business priority rather…

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Training Mix and Remix

How much do you spend on training your employees?  Is it in a classroom or on-the-job? What do you develop internally versus outsource?  How much control do you want over delivery?  Is it an app? e-Learning? Or, are you still handing out binders? Sick of the mix and remix?  You’re not alone.  Most employees still perceive…

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Resume Revamp: Step by Step

Your resume is your first marketing tool to present yourself to your potential future employer. Sometimes, it’s your only tool, so it’s worth taking the time to make it great. A great resume is the one that best reflects who you are and what you are looking for. It is also a clear and fair…

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Setting Great Performance Goals

Do you struggle to set performance goals that your organization understands?  Goals that create alignment to your overall business objectives? We’re not going to talk about SMART goals. Yes, the goals should be specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time-bound, but you’ve read countless articles on that, so let’s focus on how you’re going to create a…

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Navigating a Career Change?

Are you thinking of a career change?  Make sure you can answer these three questions before you start your job search. What do you want to achieve? Why you want to change? How you’re going to get there? Define what you want to achieve.   In the simplest of terms, what does ‘good’ looks like? You can’t just be…

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Impact of Learning and Development

Most organizations ask two questions when they allocate budget for employee training needs: How much time and money are we spending on training? What’s our return on the investment? The first point is a lot easier to measure than the second, but the second is more meaningful. Time and Money: When budgeting for training, measure both the out of…

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Is it Time to Toss Out the Annual Performance Review?

We work with several startup companies and many of their founders spent some of their professional lives working for larger corporations before starting their own businesses. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but there are a couple of things that they have in common. One is that they didn’t love having a boss.…

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Case Study: Leadership Development and MBTI®

This project was part of a corporate leadership development program for hi potential talent and brought together about 50 senior professionals from over a dozen countries and across all company functions.  Many of them were meeting for the first time and would be working together as part of a virtual project team over the next…

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