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Kylie Cimmino


Kylie Cimmino officially joined the Red Clover team as one of our Consultants in May 2018 after originally starting with office cohort, 9Sail as a Finance and Administration Manager. Joining 9Sail in August 2017, Cimmino quickly impressed her colleagues and caught the attention of Red Clover founder Jennifer L’Estrange, with whom she then began working in an administrative capacity. Quickly, that role transitioned into a consulting role in large part due to her background as a business owner in the trades.

Originally from Little Ferry, NJ, Cimmino is the former co-owner and co-manager of her family owned commercial and residential painting company Bob Jentz Painting.  Initially getting more involved with the company in her early to mid twenties, Cimmino officially took over the business at the age of 26 where she ran the show for seven years.

“It was stressful but it’s family and you do what you have to do and that’s kind of how I work,” Cimmino said.

“There are days where work is less, there are days where work is more, but when stuff has to get done, you have to bear down and get it done.”

Cimmino believes her work history and experiences dealing with her own employees has helped her build relationships with clients, especially because she knows where they’re coming from.

“I think clients tend to appreciate that I’ve been in their position, so the majority of the time I’m speaking from a similar experience, especially because a bulk who I have been working with are trades or similar industries,” Cimmino said.

“There is a slightly different dynamic in trades then let’s say, just a general office or something more corporate. Expectations of both employees and employers can be slightly different and it’s a different atmosphere. If you have experience in that world, it can be helpful”.

From working with L’Estrange, Cimmino has more firmly realized her strengths and been able to keen in on how she can best assist her clients. Her background isn’t specifically HR based, but her work is built from her past experience in dealing with HR situations. Although it came from a different starting point because it was something she needed to do for the sake of running her business, it allowed her to get to a place where things made sense to her.

“Because I’m not solely HR, that’s not where come from, I tend to have an understanding that’s more than just HR,” Jentz-Cimmino said.

“So if you’re strictly talking about a recruiting process, a hiring, a firing, a change plan, some sort of development plan, curriculums; if you’re coming from a place of soley HR, you’re looking at it from a more personnel perspective. I feel like I might come from more of a whole business perspective”

Cimmino enjoys working with Red Clover because of the idea that it can be different every day and it can never be boring. There are different people, different circumstances, and she’s constantly given the opportunity to learn and grow. Working with L’Estrange gives her the opportunity to challenge thoughts and have thoughts challenged. L’Estrange has given Cimmino a work culture that’s constantly pushing employees to be better. There’s no one right answer and according to Cimmino, if there’s a more efficient way to get something done, as long as it follows the law and is in line with the company values, L’Estrange is all ears.

“I always want to be helpful and I always want to get the most out of something. I’m very big into working smarter, not harder, and that doesn’t mean I don’t work hard but it means that I want to methodically pick the right direction or the right course to make sure we’re getting the most out of what we’re dong,” Jentz-Cimmino said.

Off the job…

Cimmino loves to spend time at home with her husband and dogs. She enjoys cooking and baking, calling her kitchen her “happy place”. She loves to read, enjoys going to the beach, and takes time to travel.

Areas of Expertise:

Recruiting, Performance Management, Policy development and implementation, and Employee Relations.